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And the Audio Description Goes to

In a new Nation’s Blind Podcast episode, hosts 
Anil Lewis and Melissa Riccobono, talk with Rick 
Boggs, CEO and general manager 
news about a forthcoming event with live audio 
description (AD) provided through a partnership 
among his company, Vitac, and a major television 
network, with sponsorship from Google. You’ll 
want to listen right away so you won’t miss the 
big event! You may even want to issue the Audio 
Description Challenge to a friend and watch it 
together. Rick also talks about AudioEyes, the 
only company providing audio description that is 
run and staffed by blind people, and the 
differences between live and pre-recorded audio 
description, as well as providing some 
interesting information about the history and craft of AD.

the latest episode now or through your favorite 
podcast client. Be sure to subscribe to the Nation’s Blind Podcast.

Follow the conversation on social media with the hashtag #OscarsAD.

April is Audio Description Awareness

During the month of April, the National 
Federation of the Blind 
Blind Beauty and many other organizations are 
raising awareness of audio descriptions. Learn 
more with the following publications:·   Take 
part in 
The Audio Description Awareness 
Challenge·   Voice of the Nation’s Blind 
Chops Taste Good, Bacon Tastes Good!" Why I Am an 
Advocate for Audio Description

About Our Publications and Media

The National Federation of the Blind creates and 
distributes several publications and audio 
reports to inform both our membership and our 
friends about the true nature of blindness, 
issues of interest to the blind, NFB news and 
action items, and the many important stories we 
share. Learn more 

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