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Plan for the 2020 NFB National Career Fair
Tuesday, July 14 | 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. EDT

Dear Employers and Jobseekers:

Thank you for your interest in the 2020 NFB National Career Fair. Our 
plan this year is to have the Career Fair on Tuesday, July 14 from 
1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time. That means it will start at noon 
Central, 11 a.m. Mountain, 10 a.m. Pacific, 8 a.m. Alaskan, and 7 
a.m. Hawaiian-Aleutian. Here's how it will work.


In order to participate in the Career Fair, employers and jobseekers 
will be required to register ahead of time. Registration will end at 
10 p.m. EDT on Sunday, July 5, 2020. Registrations will not occur 
after then. There will be no walk-ins or last-minute registrations 
this year for technical reasons.

Employer registration: 

Jobseeker registration: 

Employer Information:

This year's Career Fair will be on Zoom. Our plan is to give each 
employer a Zoom room. At every hour and half-hour, employers will be 
expected to provide an overview of their organization and employment 
opportunities, leaving time for questions from jobseekers before the 
next overview begins.

In addition to having at least one recruiter to provide the overview 
and talk to jobseekers, it will be necessary for each employer to 
provide an individual to manage the Zoom room, mute participants, and 
allow individuals to ask questions. Jobseekers who have attended one 
half-hour session should be asked to leave the Zoom room to allow 
space for new people.

Jobseekers who want to have more in-depth discussions or interviews 
with employers should schedule them outside the Career Fair by 
calling or emailing employers using the contact information provided 
a week before the Career Fair.

Employer and Jobseeker Information:

We will have a Zoom room for the Employment Committee in case 
employers or jobseekers have questions at the time. More information 
on that will be provided to all employer and jobseeker registrants.

On Monday, July 6, we will send each jobseeker contact information 
for the employers registered for the Career Fair so they can send 
resumes and cover letters to employers who interest them. We will 
also send each employer the resumes of all registered jobseekers. In 
that way, both parties will be able to contact each other and arrange 
to meet before, during, or after the Career Fair.

Each registered employer and jobseeker will receive technical 
information on how to use our Zoom system. Everyone who wants to 
participate will need to download free Zoom software onto their 
computer or phone in order to access the system we are using for the 
Career Fair and the Convention.


This is the most accurate information that we have on the NFB 2020 
Career Fair plan to date. If there are any changes, you will be 
notified. If you have questions, please email Dick Davis at 
<mailto:ddavis at blindinc.org>ddavis at blindinc.org or John Dubay at 
<mailto:jdubay at strategiccontactsolutions.com>jdubay at strategiccontactsolutions.com.

If you are in doubt about what to do, please register, as that will 
get you on our mailing list. You can withdraw before the Career Fair 
if you decide not to participate. There is no charge for employers or 
jobseekers to attend.  Note: registering for the Convention or the 
Exhibit Area does not register you for the Career Fair; you must 
register using one of the above links.

We would have liked to give you this information earlier, but as is 
the case with many organizations facing COVID-19, we have had to put 
our plans for the 2020 NFB National Convention together piece by 
piece, learning as we went.

Since this is the first time we have taken on such an immense task, 
we cannot guarantee that things will run perfectly or that we won't 
have to make some changes. But I can promise you we will do our best 
to make this Career Fair a success for everyone.

Best wishes,
Dick Davis, Chair
NFB Employment Committee

Updated June 16, 2020

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