[Nfbnet-members-list] Fwd: NFB DeafBlind mentor and mentee program for 2020 National Convention in Houston Texas

David Andrews dandrews920 at comcast.net
Sun Feb 23 20:28:25 UTC 2020

>Please share far and wide!
>The National Federation of the Blind DeafBlind 
>division Mentoring/Mentee program. Are you a 
>person who is both blind and has a hearing loss, 
>has attended many national conventions and would 
>like to mentor other persons who are DeafBlind? 
>Are you a DeafBlind person who would like to 
>teach others about hearing loss and how they 
>live their life successfully? Are you a 
>DeafBlind person who will be attending the 
>convention for the first time but has never 
>experienced such a gathering? Are you a 
>DeafBlind person who would like to learn from 
>other DeafBlind persons on how they get food in 
>a large hotel without assistance, find their 
>room, check in to the hotel, browse the tables 
>in the exhibit hall, and or navigate the hotel lobby?
>Well then you have come to the write place, The 
>NFB DeafBlind division is coordinating a 
>mentoring and mentee program just designed for 
>those who are DeafBlind who will be attending 
>this year’s 2020 National convention in 
>Houston Texas. Below are applications for 
>becoming a mentor and being a mentee. DeafBlind 
>individuals who have been to a national 
>convention in the past will be paired up with 
>persons who are first time convention attendees 
>and who are new to hearing loss. If your willing 
>or in need of this program, please fill out the 
>applications below and send to the email address listed on the application.
>For any questions please 
>ema<mailto:marsha.drenth at gmail.com>marsha.drenth at gmail.com
>Marsha Drenth
>1St Vice President National Federation of the Blind DeafBlind Division
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