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Tue Dec 8 23:52:44 UTC 2020

Dear Colleague,


The National Blindness Professional Certification Board (NBPCB) administers
certification programs in the area of education and rehabilitation of blind
individuals. As part of our continuous review of our procedures, we are
emphasizing our standards for professional and ethical behavior for the
conduct of those whom we have certified. Those holding performance-based
certification from the NBPCB have agreed to abide by our code of ethics and
have confirmed that he or she understands that certification can be revoked
for violations of this code. The full code of ethics is attached to this
message for your consideration.


The following is our grievance procedure. Any person who has first-hand
knowledge of an abuse of our code is encouraged to report that violation
directly to us as the certifying body. This information can also be found on
our website, www.nbpcb.org <http://www.nbpcb.org> .


Grievance Process

An allegation of a violation of the Code of Professional Ethics shall be
submitted in writing to the President (or his/her designee) for action.
Where there is incontrovertible evidence of a violation of the Code by a
current certificant which is not supported by written allegation, the Board
has the authority to proceed with prosecution of the issue as though a
complaint had been filed.

Within ten days of the receipt of a written allegation of violation of the
Code of Professional Ethics, the President (or his/her designee) shall name
a three-member panel to review the allegation and shall furnish each member
with a written copy of the complaint. The three reviewers must be members of
the NBPCB Board of directors. The President shall name one of the three
appointees as chairperson of the review panel.

Within twenty days of receipt of the written allegation, the Chairperson of
the review panel shall report the findings and recommendations of the panel
to the President (or his/her designee) in writing, and the President shall
notify the respondent in writing of the findings and recommendations of the

Discipline Procedures

Any intentional violation of any section of the Code of Professional Ethics
shall be prima facia evidence of a certificants affirmative decision to
choose voluntarily to relinquish NBPCB certification and to forfeit all
rights or privileges which inure to a person by reason of holding NOMC
certification. Where the finding of the panel has been either to recommend
suspension or revocation of certification, the respondent may request that
the entire NBPCB Board review the decision of the panel. This request must
be in writing and submitted to the President within ten days of receipt by
the respondent of the panel's adverse decision.

If certification has been revoked, the respondent may apply for
re-certification after one full year has elapsed following the final
revocation. It will be the responsibility of the respondent to demonstrate
to the Board that a good faith effort has been made to correct the acts or
practices giving rise to the revocation. A written request for
re-instatement of certification must be submitted directly to the President,
and the Board shall determine whether or not to reinstate certification. The
respondent may not simply apply for certification through the usual
certification application process. 


All questions and any correspondence should be sent to the NBPCB by email at
admin at nbpcb.org <mailto:admin at nbpcb.org> .  




Adelmo Vigil, President


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