[Nfbnet-members-list] JAMBRL and ChartMaker: Braille chord charts on demand (workshop Thursday April 17)

Chancey Fleet chanceyfleet at nypl.org
Wed Apr 8 16:29:24 UTC 2020

Welcome to JAMBRL and ChartMaker – a simple and powerful system for
producing nicely formatted braille chord charts for thousands of popular
and obscure songs available through iReal Pro.
Are you interested in having high-quality, low-cost access to braille chord
charts for almost any tune you want to learn? Maybe you're an experienced
blind musician, or maybe you're taking advantage of your shelter-in-place
time to learn a new instrument. Maybe you're already a seasoned Braille
Music reader, or maybe you've never quite gotten over the mental gymnastics
of having the note C be the letter D, and have found ways other than
Braille Music to learn tunes.
Regardless of your skill level with your instrument or with Braille Music,
JAM Braille is a great way to get access to the chords for almost any tune
you can think of. It uses the songs available in iReal Pro and provides a
quick and easy way to turn those tunes into beautifully formatted braille
chord charts. JAM Braille also makes a few tweaks to braille chord notation
to make these chord charts clear, compact, and a pleasure to read.
This 1-hour workshop will introduce you to ChartMaker – a simple Windows
utility for producing JAM Braille chord charts on your own PC. We will walk
you through downloading and setting up ChartMaker , exporting and
transcribing songs from iReal Pro , and understanding the notation used in
JAM Braille . We will discuss the evolution of the system, and where we
plan to take JAM Braille in the future with lots of opportunities for Q&A.
Note: In this workshop, the ChartMaker discussion will only be of interest
to Windows users, but the JAM Braille chord chart examples we will be
discussing can be viewed using just an iPhone and a braille display.
Who: Josh Miele and Roberto Gonzalez – the creators of JAM Braille and
When: Thursday, April 16, 6 PM Eastern
Where: At home on Zoom
What You'll need:
• To view the chord chart examples you will need a browser and a braille
display or embosser.
·         To install ChartMaker you will need a Windows machine, preferably
Windows 10. Follow the instructions at:
·         To have access to the vast library of source material you will
need to buy the relatively inexpensive and totally worth it iReal Pro iOS

Please register here to receive a Zoom invitation to the workshop. To keep
our Zoom secure, we ask that everyone registers directly: please share this
registration link and not the Zoom invitation we send you. Thanks!

Chancey S. Fleet
Assistive Technology Coordinator
Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library
(212) 621-0627
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