[Nfbnet-members-list] 22nd Annual Mock Trial

Scott C. LaBarre slabarre at labarrelaw.com
Sat Jul 6 01:08:56 UTC 2019

Oyes oyes, oyes, draw near and prepare for the 22nd Annual Mock Trial 
presented by the National Association of Blind Lawyers!!

4:15 p.m. on Monday, July 8th, in South Pacific Ballroom CD
$5 Admission

We are pleased to announce that in addition to some of the characters 
you have come to know and love, we have a special guest.  Marilee 
Talking, the award winning blind actor, director, and writer who 
spoke  to our Convention last year will be joining our cast. This 
year we take up the case of Gambles v. Blind Luck  Resort and 
Casino.  Our Plaintiff is Carlata Gambles who was celebrating her 
bachelorette   party at Blind Luck where she didn't have much luck at 
all.  After a roccus night of partying, Carlata and  her party travel 
to the casino floor and want to hit it big and hopefully defray the 
costs of their night of debauchery.  First, Carlata tries to play 
some slots, but the machines are all flat screen. So Carlata's maid 
of honor, Mary Goodtime, starts operating the machine  for her.  When 
they try to get some free drinks, the waitress refuses to 
serve  Carlata because she is not actually operating the 
machine.  Then, Carlata moves onto a    blackjack table and the table 
operator refuses to tell Carlata what the cards are.  Mary can't help 
her because, in keeping with her name, she has run off in pursuit 
of  some handsome guy who was playing slots next to Carlata and 
Mary.  So, Carlata fires up her AIRA app  and tries to have the agent 
read the cards.  The dealer notices and suddenly casino security 
comes crashing in and takes Carlata off the floor.  The casino's 
manager, Freddy Craps,  accuses her of attempting to cheat by using 
outside help to count cards.  Carlata tries to explain that the only 
reason she attempted to use AIRA is because everything in the casino 
is inaccessible and cannot be used nonvisually.  Craps doesn't care 
about her explanations and orders Carlata to leave at once.  She 
refuses and Craps calls in Tony Rigatoni, Blind Luck's owner and a 
well-known mob boss.  Rigatoni threatens Carlata and when she still 
refuses to leave, Rigatoni gets the police involved.  They show up 
and arrest Carlata charging her with disorderly conduct, trespassing, 
and attempted fraud.  Carlata is now suing Blind Luck under Title III 
of the ADA  alleging that Blind Luck has denied her the equal 
enjoyment of its goods and services.  We are in the United States 
District Court for the District of Federation located in the city of 
Lost Wages.  You the audience will be our jury.  Join us on Monday!
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