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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Jun 28 23:08:29 UTC 2018

>Greetings, I write you today to see if you are PAC ing for 
>convnention.  No, I don't mean tucking away your dresses, suits, 
>bathing suits, undergarments, and the like.  I am talking about 
>assisting the National Federation of the Blind to help us live the 
>lives we want.
>It is no secret that any social movement needs funding to help turn 
>dreams into reality and ours is no different.  The Pre-authorized 
>Contribution Plan (PAC) is a critical fund raising vehicle for 
>us.  Over the years, it has brought in  tens of millions of dollars 
>for the NFB.  Every single one of our members can help in this regard.
>Many of you are already PAC members and thank you for your 
>continuing support, but many of you aren't.
>How does it work?  Well, you authorize a monthly contribution from a 
>financial account, and the Federation receives that money into our 
>national treasury.  You can have the contribution come from your 
>savings account, checking account, debit card, or credit card.  The 
>minimum donation is $5 a month and there is no maximum level.
>What do we need from you?  Well, we will need the account 
>information.  For savings accounts and checking accounts, we need 
>the account number and your bank's routing number.  We can most 
>easily get this off a blank check or the appropriate withdrawl slip 
>from the savings account.  Please note that the savings account must 
>permit external withdrawls.  As for the debit and credit cards, we 
>need exactly what you'd expect:  account number, expiration date, 
>etc.  Lastly, we will need your signature on a form authorizing the 
>monthly contribution.
>How are PAC contributions spent?  The money goes directly into our 
>general account which means it helps with everything from legal 
>advocacy, public education, scholarships, BELL programs, and the 
>like.  There are many activities we would not be able to engage 
>without PAC funding.  Currently, we bring in about $475,000.00 a 
>year on the PAC Plan.
>At convention this year, we have one intermediate goal and one huge 
>goal.  I am confident that through new PAC pledges and increased 
>pledges, we can get to 500,000 dollars a year on the PAC 
>Plan.  However, the huge goal is to get 75,000 dollars in increased 
>and new pledges which would put us at approximately $550,000 a year on PAC.
>We will be running our usual array of contests at convention.  All 
>new pledges will go into a money drawing which will be awarded at 
>the banquet.  The same is true for all those increasing their 
>pledge.  I will have to negotiate with the President about the 
>amount of these drawings, but they should be at least $200 
>each.  However, I suspect that  if we can reach our huge goal, the 
>drawings might just be for $500 each.  We'll just have to see how we do.
>For the state affiliate that generates the most activity, either new 
>or increased pledges, that affiliate will receive the PAC Rat.   For 
>the division which generates the most business, it will receive the 
>PAC Muel.  For the state affiliate which has the largest percentage 
>increase in terms of a monthly contribution level, they shall 
>receive the PACHYDERM.
>There will be other surprises and contests we run at 
>convention.  The PAC table will be open during General Sessions, 
>July 6 through 8, at the back of the Convention hall.  Stay tuned 
>for announcements.
>Help us build the Federation through the PAC plan.  Now, I hope you 
>are all PAC-ed and ready for convention.
>   Pacfully yours,
>Scott LaBarre
><mailto:slabarre at labarrelaw.com>slabarre at labarrelaw.com

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