[Nfbnet-members-list] Resolutions for 2018 NFB Convention

Wunder, Gary gwunder at nfb.org
Fri Jun 1 01:07:29 UTC 2018

Resolutions for Convention:
             Here is a message from Sharon Maneki, who chairs the NFB 
Resolutions Committee:
             Do you think we should change a government policy, take 
a stand concerning an agency for the blind, or create new 
regulations? If you do, consider writing a resolution. At the 2018 
National Convention the resolutions committee meeting will be held on 
Wednesday, July 4. The committee will debate and discuss resolutions 
on a wide variety of subjects. If passed by the convention, these 
resolutions will become the policy statements of the organization.
To ensure that your resolution will be considered by the committee, 
please send it to President Riccobono or to me by June 19, two weeks 
before the committee meeting. If you send a resolution to me by email 
and do not receive a response acknowledging your email in two or 
three days, please call or send it again. If you miss the deadline, 
you must get three members of the committee to sponsor your 
resolution and then get it to the chairman before the meeting begins. 
I will be pleased to accept resolutions by email, 
<mailto:nfbmd at earthlink.net>nfbmd at earthlink.net; or snail mail, 9013 
Nelson Way, Columbia, MD 21045.

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