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>Release Date: Tuesday, July 17, 2018
>Category: National
>Chris Danielsen
>Director of Public Relations
>National Federation of the Blind
>(410) 659-9314, extension 2330
>(410) 262-1281 (Cell)
><mailto:cdanielsen at nfb.org>cdanielsen at nfb.org
>National Federation of the Blind Reaches Comprehensive Agreement 
>with Greyhound
>San Francisco (July 17, 2018): Greyhound has committed to make its 
>website (<https://www.greyhound.com/>www.greyhound.com/) and mobile 
>apps more accessible to blind passengers who use screen-reader 
>software to access these services. An agreement with the National 
>Federation of the Blind (NFB) resolves a 
>filed by the NFB and five blind California residents who had trouble 
>using the website.
>Under the agreement, Greyhound will ensure that greyhound.com and 
>the mobile apps allow blind users to gain the same information and 
>engage in the same transactions with an ease of use substantially 
>equivalent to that of a sighted person using the same browser or 
>operating system without screen-reader software. Changes needed to 
>accomplish this goal will be made in less than a year. Until then, 
>Greyhound will inform blind passengers of alternative methods for 
>purchasing bus tickets on the website and mobile apps. The website 
>and mobile apps will also clearly state Greyhound's longstanding 
>policy that blind passengers who self-identify to customer service 
>representatives and state that they have had difficulty using the 
>website or mobile apps will not be charged any call center booking 
>fee or other additional charge solely because they have used the 
>Call Center under these circumstances. The National Federation of 
>the Blind will conduct a "secret shopper" program to report to 
>Greyhound whether the operators at its call centers are following this policy.
>"We commend Greyhound for agreeing to remove access barriers on its 
>website and mobile apps on a robust timeline," said Mark Riccobono, 
>President of the National Federation of the Blind. "We further 
>commend the company for its commitment to treat blind passengers 
>fairly when we are unable to complete transactions through its 
>website or apps, and urge other transportation providers to follow 
>Greyhound's example in both respects. The National Federation of the 
>Blind will work closely with Greyhound to help ensure that booking 
>passage on its bus service is a fully accessible experience for 
>current and future blind passengers."
>"As we complete our work on our new websites and mobile apps, we are 
>grateful to have the assistance of the capable and committed members 
>of the leadership of the National Federation of the Blind in 
>ensuring that these websites and apps are easy to use and fully and 
>equally accessible to all of our customers," said Todd Koch, Vice 
>President of strategy and business development, Greyhound Lines, Inc.
>The plaintiffs are represented by Timothy Elder and Anna Levine of 
>the TRE Legal Practice, <http://www.trelegal.com>www.trelegal.com, 
>and by Lisa Ells and Michael Nunez of Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld 
>LLP, <http://www.rbgg.com>www.rbgg.com.
>About the National Federation of the Blind
>The National Federation of the Blind (NFB), headquartered in 
>Baltimore, is the oldest and largest nationwide organization of 
>blind Americans. Founded in 1940, the NFB consists of affiliates, 
>chapters, and divisions in the fifty states, Washington DC, and 
>Puerto Rico. The NFB defends the rights of blind people of all ages, 
>and provides information and support to families with blind 
>children, older Americans who are losing vision, and more. We 
>believe in the hopes and dreams of blind people and work together to 
>transform them into reality. Learn more about our many programs and 
>initiatives at nfb.org.
>About Greyhound
>Greyhound, a FirstGroup plc company, is the only national provider 
>of scheduled intercity coach services in the U.S. and Canada. Based 
>in Dallas, Greyhound provides scheduled passenger services to 3,200 
>destinations carrying approximately 18 million passengers a year. 
>The company's point-to-point service, Greyhound Express, serves more 
>than 135 markets and also operates brands for local markets 
>including BoltBus, Lucky Streak casino service and Greyhound 
>Connect. Greyhound is the first U.S.-based intercity bus company to 
>operate domestic service within Mexico as well as international 
>connections to Texas. For fare and schedule information and to buy 
>tickets, call 1-800-231-2222 or visit the website at 
><http://www.greyhound.com>www.greyhound.com. For the latest news and 
>travel deals, follow us on Twitter at 
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