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Blake, Lou Ann LBlake at nfb.org
Thu Jul 27 22:17:57 UTC 2017

Subject line: Do you use developer tools?

Hi, my name is Dante and I work on the Microsoft 
Visual Studio engineering team. We’re learning 
how developers use assistive technologies like 
screen readers or refreshable braille displays. 
If you use any assistive technologies with your 
developer tools, please take this very short 
survey and share your experiences with us! Your 
feedback will help us build a better, more 
accessible developer tools for you.

to survey

Thank you for your time,
Dante Gagne

From: Blake, Lou Ann [<mailto:LBlake at nfb.org>mailto:LBlake at nfb.org]
Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2017 6:05 AM
To: Dante Gagne <<mailto:danteg at microsoft.com>danteg at microsoft.com>
Cc: Gianugo Rabellino 
<<mailto:Gianugo.Rabellino at microsoft.com>Gianugo.Rabellino at microsoft.com>
Subject: RE: Research Request: Visual Studio AT compatibility

Good Morning Dante,

Please email to me the text of an announcement to 
solicit NFB members to take the Visual Studio 
survey. I will have the announcement posted to 
our members list. The announcement should 
emphasize that only list members who use visual Studio should take the survey.

Members of the NFB Research Advisory Council also 
suggested that a statement that only users of 
Visual Studio are invited to take the survey 
should be added at the beginning of the survey. 
This will help to prevent people who have never 
used Visual Studio from completing the survey.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Lou Ann

Lou Ann Blake, J.D.
(410) 659-9314 x 2221
National Federation of the Blind

From: Dante Gagne [<mailto:danteg at microsoft.com>mailto:danteg at microsoft.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 2:06 PM
To: Blake, Lou Ann
Cc: Gianugo Rabellino
Subject: Research Request: Visual Studio AT compatibility


My name is Dante Gagne and I’m a program 
manager for Visual Studio at Microsoft. Over the 
last 8 months we’ve been engaged in an all-up 
push to improve the compatibility of Visual 
Studio with Assistive Technologies (E.g. Screen 
Readers). We currently plan to release an update 
to Visual Studio in early August which should 
dramatically improve the experience of our 
customers who use Visual Studio with screen readers.

I reached out to the list owners of 
“Blindrug” and “fnbcs”, and David Andrews 
directed me to reach out to you. If you’ll 
allow it, I would like to send three e-mails to 
whatever email aliases you will allow. The first 
will ask folks who use Visual Studio to take a 
survey on surveymonkey giving us an idea of the 
quality of their experience with Visual Studio 
today. The second e-mail will be within a day or 
two of our next update of Visual Studio which 
will contain the bulk of compatibility fixes, and 
will encourage the folks to download the newest 
update and give it a try. Finally, near the end 
of August/beginning of September, I’ll send 
another survey asking folks if they feel the 
newest update is better and give folks an opportunity to give more feedback.

Our goal is to improve the overall quality of 
Visual Studio’s compatibility with ATs to 
ensure that folks who want to use Visual Studio 
will find it a better, more welcoming experience.

Please let me know if you have any questions or 
what I would need to do. I have CC’d my 
colleague in the Cloud & Enterprise Accessibility 
core team, Gianugo, who is responsible for 
accessibility for the entire C&E division here at Microsoft.

Thank you for your time,

From: Dante Gagne [mailto:danteg at microsoft.com]

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