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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Sat Jul 1 20:09:51 UTC 2017

>Our Imagination Fund Committee is pleased to announce a Click to 
>Give campaign that we will kickoff at our national convention. Click 
>to Give allows anyone to make a donation to the National Federation 
>of the Blind easily. This is an opportunity for us to identify those 
>individuals who are not members of the organization but want to 
>support the good work that we do. We need your help identifying 
>individuals in your extended network of family, friends, colleagues, 
>and service providers. Their gift will assist a newly blinded person 
>with independent travel through our free white cane program, help a 
>child to learn to read through our Braille Reading Pals program, 
>assist blind veterans to regain their independence, and so much more.
>How You Can Help
>Please take the time to share the names and email addresses of 
>potential supporters by visiting 
><https://nfb.org/give2017>https://nfb.org/give2017. When the 
>campaign starts, we will send an email inviting all of these 
>individuals to share in the great things we do every day to help 
>blind people live the lives we want.
>Filling out the form will take only a few minutes. It asks for your 
>name and email, as well as the names and emails of those you believe 
>might give. We can do the rest.
>OF course, if you also reach out to your contacts to explain the 
>campaign, tell your personal story, and ask them to give, it 
>increases the likelihood of success. We have developed talking points to help.
>Talking Points:
>1. Tell your story.
>2. Talk about programs that are easy to understand.
>3. We give the gift of mobility through our free White Cane program.
>4. We gift children with literacy through our free Braille Books.
>5. We teach kids to read through BELL.
>6. Literacy correlates with employment.
>7. Most of all we help blind people live the lives we want. (Tell 
>how we do that. We push each other to achieve. We instill confidence.)
>So, after you visit <http://nfb.org/give2017>http://nfb.org/give2017 
>and fill out our online form with your contacts, you could also send 
>an email or text saying something like:
>Dear Joe,
>I am dropping a note to ask for your help. I am a proud member of 
>the National Federation of the Blind. The NFB gave me the confidence 
>to go to school, take on a career, raise my children, and live the 
>life I want. It is other members who taught me to put bells on 
>John's shoes when he was small and who push me to master technology 
>in my new job. We are reaching out with a Click to Give campaign, 
>which starts on July 10.  We will email you at the start of our 
>campaign, and I hope that you will respond with a gift. If you do, 
>you contribute to the National Federation of the Blind.
>The National Federation of the Blind helps newly blinded people 
>regain mobility through a free white cane program, teaches Braille 
>to children, distributes free Braille books to kids, assists blind 
>veterans to regain their independence, and so much more. This is a 
>cause that has truly impacted my life and helps blind people live 
>the lives we want every day. Please make a difference through your donation.
>Please reach out to our Imagination Committee Chair Everette Bacon 
>personally with questions at (801) 631-8108 or at 
><mailto:baconev at yahoo.com>baconev at yahoo.com.
>Let's build the Federation one gift at a time. Thank you all for 
>contributing your time and talent to make our dreams come true.
>David Andrews and Long White Cane Harry
><mailto:dandrews at visi.com>dandrews at visi.com or 
><mailto:david.andrews at nfbnet.org>david.andrews at nfbnet.org
>Twitter:  @dandrews920
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