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"Don't miss this unique opportunity for professional development. 
Whether you are a student, a young professional, or well along in 
your career, you will benefit immensely from these two workshops."

Rules of Engagement - If you have ever been stymied by the prospect 
of attending a networking event or a reception, you're not alone. 
Walking into a room filled with dozens of people who you have never 
before met can be overwhelming for new entrants to the workforce and 
established professionals alike. This program will give you ten 
"rules" that will help you make the most of any Washington D.C. 
business-social event, including how to prepare for and navigate the 
events, and most importantly, how to follow up and build 
relationships with your new important contacts.

Communicating with Style - Some studies suggest that fully 85% of 
your success is directly linked to your ability to effectively 
communicate. Yet, few professionals receive any formal training in 
basic communication skills. This highly interactive 90-minute program 
is an introduction to communication styles. Because your 
communication style is based, in part, on your behavioral style 
preference, we'll use the DISC assessment tool to help you identify 
your individual behavioral style preference. Then, we'll turn our 
attention to the people with whom you work and give you some clues to 
help you identify their behavioral style preferences, too. 
Highlighting points of commonality and potential conflict, we'll 
focus on adjustments that you can make to enhance your communications 
with others.

Mary R. Crane. Esq.

A graduate of George Washington University's National Law Center, 
Mary Crane practiced law and lobbied in Washington D.C. for nearly 
ten years. Working first for the American Petroleum Institute and 
then with the American Heart Association, Crane specialized in 
non-profit tax issues. In the early 1990s she decided to pursue her 
life-long fascinations in food and wine. With these interests in 
mind, she spent two years exploring the world of gastronomy at the 
prestigious Culinary Institute of America, from which she graduated 
with honors. Crane further gained certification as a sommelier from 
the Court of Master Sommeliers London, England. Immediately 
thereafter, she began work as an assistant chef at the White House. 
Crane left the professional kitchen and approached law firms with her 
innovative program, "The Rules of Engagement." That seminar provided 
participants with the rules they needed to successfully work 
receptions and navigate the more formal dining setting.

Since then, Crane has expanded the training programs she offers to 
include many of the other practical business skills all professionals 
need to succeed. Her programs cover a broad range of skill sets 
including: getting the most out of networking events and receptions, 
managing business lunches and dinners, communicating effectively via 
paper or e-mail, interacting effectively with other behavioral styles 
at work, bridging the generation and gender gaps, and working 
ethically. Crane's clients include many Fortune 500 companies and 
more than 50% of the AmLaw100.  She is a frequent speaker at national 
conferences, and has appeared on 60 Minutes, Fox Business News, and 
ABC Radio. She makes monthly guest appearances on Let's Talk Live, a 
Washington, D.C. televised ABC-affiliate program. Crane has also been 
quoted extensively in a variety of print and electronic media, 
including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, 
<http://Forbes.com>Forbes.com, <http://Fortune.com>Fortune.com, and 

This highly-anticipated seminar will take place on Sunday, January 
29, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Capitol located on 550 C Street SW 
Washington DC in the House Room to be held at 3:00 to 6:15pm.
Please join us with this world renown speaker who will be offering 
her expertise at a nominal fee of $15 for each 90-minute session or 
$20 for both.
Sponsored by the Potomac Chapter/National Federation of the Blind of Virginia
Facilitated by Mary Crane, Esq., creator of the 100 Things You Need 
To Know book series, which provides people entering the workforce 
with crucial information in easy-to-absorb, almost tweetable chunks. 
The series currently includes Starting Work and Networking.
<mailto:mary at marycrane.com>mary at marycrane.com

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