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Eve Sanchez thirdeyeonlyinaz at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 16:57:31 UTC 2017

Federationists, The 2017 Writing Contest put on 
by the National Federation of the Blind Writers' 
Division is underway and accepting entries 
through April 1st. This contest is for youth and 
adults. Blind as well as sighted friends and 
family are encouraged to put your best forward and showcase your talents.
The complete guidelines are attached and pasted below. Please read carefully.
Myself, the division board members and the great 
judges are all looking forward to reading your entries.
Good luck.
Eve Sanchez
President, National Federation of the Blind Writers' Division
Editor, Tapestry, a publication of TAWN
"Some who are sighted, are the most blind of all."



The annual youth and adult writing contests 
sponsored by the NFB Writers’ Division will 
open January 1st and close April 1st for all 
aspiring writers whether blind, sighted or visually impaired.


Adult contest categories are: short Fiction, 
non-fiction, stories for youth, and poetry.


Youth contest categories are: Short fiction and 
poetry. The youth contest is divided into three 
groups, determined by grade level – elementary, middle, and high school.


As always, in both adult and youth contests, 
there may be up to three prize winners (1st, 2nd, 
3rd), and one or more receiving honorable 
mention. Additionally, a prize winning entry may 
be published within the Writers’ Division’s magazine, Slate & Style.

All contest winners will be announced during the 
first week of July, at the Writers' Division 
business meeting, during the NFB national 
convention to be held in Orlando, Florida.



*Youth contest winners will receive $30 for 1st 
place, $20 for 2nd place, and $10 for 3rd place.

*Adult contest winners will receive $100 for 1st 
place, $50 for 2nd place, and $25 for 3rd place.





*This is a contest for students who use Braille.

*Note: if you are 18 years old, or older, you must enter the adult contest.

*Entries must be submitted in hand embossed 
Braille, either with a slate and stylus or 
Braille writer, and there are no exceptions.

*Submissions must be Brailled by the entrant.

*All submissions, no matter your grade level, 
must be in contracted Braille. Let us know if you 
“know” or are “learning” contracted 
Braille. Additionally, let us know if you have chosen to use UEB, or not.

*Each entrant must provide an identical 
electronic copy of the cover letter and contest 
entry as a Microsoft Word file [doc] or as a Rich Text Format [rtf] file).

*Attach the electronic copies to an email and 
send them to- EvaMarie Sanchez at 
<mailto:thirdeyeonlyinaz at gmail.com>thirdeyeonlyinaz at gmail.com.

*Send your hardcopy Braille and cover letter to:

EvaMarie Sanchez

1901 N Wilmot Road apt 1239, Tucson, Arizona 85712


Entries must be accompanied by a cover letter 
containing entrant's information: Name, address, 
phone, e-mail, title of the entry, school, and grade of entrant.



*We will consider only unpublished original entries.

*Youth short fiction stories submissions cannot 
be more than 1,000 words, and poetry of no more than 50 lines.

*Authors of either poetry or fiction are encouraged to submit multiple pieces.


Youth ENTRY FEES – None


Are you the best Brailler in the contest? Be sure 
to double check your work. Remember to use 
Braille paper so the Braille is easy to read. Good luck!



*Note: this contest is for everyone 18 years old, 
or older. One need not be blind to enter.

*We will consider only unpublished original entries.

*Fiction short stories can be of any main stream 
genre, and cannot exceed 3,000 words.

*Non-fiction entries should be either a memoir or 
personal essay, and cannot exceed 3,000 words.

*Stories for youth are stories with content 
written at an intellectual level appropriate for 
the younger reader, and cannot exceed 3,000 words.

*Poetry: We will accept poetry of any length

*Authors of either poetry and/or prose are 
encouraged to submit multiple pieces.

*Adults are required to submit all poetry, 
fiction, non-fiction, and stories for youth as 
attachments to an E-mail message.

*The attachments must be in either Microsoft Word 
(doc) or Rich Text Format (rtf).

*Fiction, non-fiction and stories for youth 
should be written in a normal prose style, with 
paragraphs being left justified, lines are single 
spaced, and having a 14 point font of Aerial, regular.

*No hard copy submissions will be accepted.



Along with your entry or entries, include a cover 
letter providing the following:

*Your name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address.

*List the titles of all submissions, including 
the category in which they are being entered.

*State your method of payment for the entry fee (check or PayPal).

*Finally, the cover letter could be your e-mail 
message, or a separate document attached along with your submissions.



Adult Fees:

*The fee for each short story, non-fiction piece, 
or story for youth is $15.00 for members and $20.00 for non-members.

 *The base fee for poetry will cover up to three 
poems, if the combined line-count of all three 
pieces does not exceed 108 lines - additional 
poems require a second fee, following the same 
fee payment scheme. Base fees are $15.00 for 
members and $20.00 for non-members.



*You may use PayPal from the Writers’ Division 
website, <http://writers.nfb.org>http://writers.nfb.org

*Alternatively, you may mail a check made out to 
NFB Writers’ Division, with a note in the memo 
line relating to the contest. Send to:


Shawn Jacobson

19541 Olney Mill Rd.

Olney, MD 20832.


*E-mail submissions should be sent to EvaMarie 
Sanchez at: <mailto:thirdeyeonlyinaz at gmail.com>thirdeyeonlyinaz at gmail.com

****We look forward to seeing your words. ****

If you have questions write EvaMarie Sanchez, 
Writers’ Division President: 
<mailto:thirdeyeonlyinaz at gmail.com>thirdeyeonlyinaz at gmail.com

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