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Peter McAlindon pete at orbitouch.com
Tue Dec 12 18:55:18 UTC 2017

What it is: An alternative keyboard for people with limited hand, finger, or arm use due to injury or disability.
 =Key Features=
 Minimizes hand and wrist motion
 Simplifies typing. It's a full 128 character keyboard and mouse in one.
 Requires no software set up and comes with everything you need to be productive quickly.
 Made in America
 =Conditions Accommodated=
     Hand/finger injuries
     Hand/finger prosthetics
     Spinal cord injury
     Cerebral palsy
     Multiple sclerosis
     Muscular dystrophy
     Traumatic brain injury
     Severe burns
     Carpal tunnel syndrome
     Visual impairment
 =How it works=
 The letter "a" is typed by sliding the left dome to the middle of the left zone, and the right dome to the middle of the orange zone.
 Once the two domes reach their positions, the character is typed. It does not matter which dome is moved first. They can be moved together or separately.
 To put the orbiTouch in mouse mode, simply slide the left dome to the black zone twice. Once in mouse mode, the orbiTouch domes are used to perform the function of a mouse.
 "For the handicapped or those with severe RSI [Repetitive Strain Injury], it's a lifesaver, enabling many of these folks to communicate when they otherwise could not."
 -- Review, Ergonomicinfo.com
 If your organization would like an orbiTouch, we'd like to offer you a special discount of 15%. The total cost, with shipping included, is $339. Payment plans are available. Order here: https://orbitouch-com.myshopify.com/cart/469889297:1?channel=buy_button&discount=6EZSNBC7FF2E.
 Thanks for all you do,
 Peter McAlindon, Ph.D.
 Founder and CEO, Blue Orb, Inc.

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