[Nfbnet-members-list] streaming information and agenda, NFBNJ state convention - please review

Brian Mackey bmackey88 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 21:42:52 UTC 2016

>From the desk of NFBNJ President Joe Ruffalo.


Greetings to all,


Please read the following two items of interest:

1. streaming information

2. convention agenda


The messages follow.


1.     Streaming information:

We are proud to inform you that we will be streaming our 40th anniversary
convention, Raising Expectations, via our YouTube channel,


We will be streaming at the following times:

*        Thursday, November 10, Technology-2:00 - 6:00 pm 

*        Friday , November 11, Afternoon Session-1:00 - 5:00 pm 

*        Saturday, November 12, General Session-8:45 am - noon

*        Saturday, November 12, Town Hall Meeting-4:00 - 4:50 pm

*        Saturday, November 12, Banquet-6:45 pm - Conclusion 

*        Sunday, November 13-Open Board Meeting-8:30 am - Conclusion


You can access the channel at
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKEDbjGsCYHMlwd4gqpBPjg. Please subscribe
to the channel so that we can acquire a more customized URL for our YouTube


Unfortunately the stream will not be real time, but you will be able to view
events and interviews at the convention as they are uploaded.


The blind have experience, they have skills, and they have desire. All we
need from you is the opportunity to raise your expectations. So please tune
into our 40th state convention. We hope you will enjoy it.



2. convention agenda:






The 40th Annual State Convention

National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey











Holiday Inn

151 Route 72 East, Manahawkin, NJ 08050

November 10,11,12,13, 2016





Joseph Ruffalo, President


nfbnj1 at verizon.net








Who We Are & What We Do


The National Federation of the Blind, the oldest and largest organization of
and for the blind in the US, is made up of blind/ visually impaired people
of all ages, and their families and friends. We help newly blind people
adjust to vision loss, assist parents and teachers of blind children, and
promote the full participation and integration of blind people in our
communities.  Our activities include:

.    Assisting blind persons in acquiring the skills of independence
.    Helping blind persons develop confidence in themselves
.    Teaching blind persons the skills of leadership through active
participation in conventions, chapter meetings, and civic activities
.    Encouraging blind seniors to continue their active and meaningful
.    Preparing blind students for productive, tax-paying careers through
training and academic scholarships
.    Supporting parents, teachers, and friends of blind children with
mentoring, role modeling, information, and training
.    Informing those losing their sight due to diabetes about techniques for
dealing with vision loss
.    Advocating for policies that eliminate discrimination and guarantee
equal access to high quality educational and rehabilitation programs
.    Educating the public through community activities and publications 

.    Protecting and promoting the civil rights of blind persons through
public education and legislative action at the state and national levels


Spotlight on NFB of NJ


Since 1976, the National Federation of the Blind of NJ, an affiliate of the
National Federation of the Blind has been providing invaluable information
and resources to blind/visually impaired people throughout the state. Our
members work together for a brighter tomorrow by the raising expectations
for blind people everywhere so that blind persons can live the life they
want.  Our eight chapters meet monthly; our nine divisions hold events at
various times through the year. Chapter and division listings are at the end
of this agenda.  For more affiliate, chapter, and division news and
information, visit www.nfbnj.org.  Please join us-we would welcome your



Subscribe to the Sounding Board


Get our state newsletter the Sounding Board delivered to your email inbox.
Send a message to Alice Eaddy at nfbnj.secretary at aol.com with subscribe
Sounding Board in the subject line. Also available at www.nfbnj.org and


Live the Life You Want


The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the
characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the
expectations of blind people because low expectations create obstacles
between blind people and our dreams. You can live the life you want;
blindness is not what holds you back. Together, with love, hope and
determination, we transform dreams into reality.



The National Federation of the Blind Pledge


I pledge to participate actively in the efforts of the National Federation
of the Blind to achieve equality, opportunity, and security for the blind;
to support the programs and policies of the Federation; and to abide by its



The KNFB Reader App

We proudly sponsor the KNFB Reader app! This revolutionary tool enables you
with the touch of a single button, to read virtually any type of printed
text, such as mail, receipts, class handouts, and memos. To learn more
about, visit www.nfb.org/knfbreader and www.knfbreader.com.



Funding Our Movement


The National Federation of the Blind of NJ is a 501c(3).  Please consider
making a tax-deductible donation or marking a special date in honor of a
loved one with a gift to the NFB of NJ.



Jacobus tenBroek Legacy Society



Help build a future of opportunity for the blind by becoming a member of the
Jacobus tenBroek Legacy Society. Your legacy gift to the NFB can be made as
a will or trust, income-generating gift, or by naming the NFB as a
retirement or life insurance policy beneficiary. You can also become a
tenBroek Legacy Society member by making a legacy gift to your state
affiliate, which benefits both local and national programs as all affiliate
bequests are shared with the NFB national treasury. Members receive a
special thank you and other benefits. For further information, contact Lou
Ann Blake at  <mailto:lblake at nfb.org> lblake at nfb.org, or 410-659-9314, X






We will be recording and streaming the Convention live on our Facebook page

and our YouTube channel. The links for both can be found on our website
www.nfbnj.org/state-convention. We will be broadcasting at the following:


Thursday, November 10, Technology-2:00 - 6:00 pm 
Friday , November 11, Afternoon Session-1:00 - 5:00 pm 
Saturday, November 12, General Session-8:45 am - noon 

Saturday, November 12, Town Hall Meeting-4:00 - 4:50 pm
Saturday, November 12, Banquet-6:45 pm - Conclusion 
Sunday, November 13-Open Board Meeting-8:30 am - Conclusion



Hotel Navigation: We are pleased to feature LowViz Guide, an indoor
navigation app for the blind and visually impaired. Developed in 2015 as a
free community service by Macular Degeneration Support, the app has been
provided at more than a dozen state and national conventions for
blind/visually impaired attendees who have access to iPhones or iPads.
LowViz Guide gives information on hotel points of interest and meeting room
and schedule details.  They will provide step-by-step user instructions in
large print, audio, and Braille formats and personal support for users
during the entire event.  For more information about LowVis Guide, visit



Breakfast Coupons: NFB attendees staying at the hotel on Wednesday and/or
Thursday nights will receive coupons for breakfast at the hotel restaurant
on Thursday and Friday mornings. Saturday and Sunday breakfasts will be
served in the Main Ballroom. Register for the Convention in order to receive
breakfast coupons and our special hotel rate. 



Banquet Ticket Exchange: To ensure a smooth seating process, we have
initiated a Banquet Ticket Exchange.  After you purchase your banquet
ticket, bring it to the ticket exchange, where you will trade it in for a
ticket with a table number.  If you would like to sit with friends, gather
tickets and exchange them together.  Ten people can be seated at each table.
Exchange will be open Friday, 8 - 8:30 pm, and Saturday, 12 - 12:30 pm and 5
- 5:15 pm.  If you do not exchange your ticket, you will be seated where
there is space available.



Vendors will be available in the Exhibit Hall-Ballroom D at the following
times: Thursday, 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm and Friday, 8:00 am - 1:00 pm





Guide Dog Relief Area: The guide dog relief area will be in one location
only. There will be both a grassy area and a cement area. Directions from
the hotel lobby: Step out of the elevator, make a right, and walk straight
to a set of double doors. Go through the doors and walk about 8-9 feet then
make a left and walk about 50 feet. Go out the rear doors and turn left,
walk about 4 steps and turn left again. The grassy area is right there the
cement area is a step down off the curb.  Please note, the cement is an area
where there may be service deliveries, so please listen and be careful.  It
is rather quiet on weekends. A lined trash can will be on the grassy area.
If there are any questions, please contact Dan Facchini at 201-906-8655 or
Jerilyn Higgins at 973-900-4844.



Contact information for speakers appears on the last page of this agenda.



Thanks to Our Sponsors


Raising Expectations Level

Radwell International


Live the Life You Want Level

Eye Assist LLC.

Vanda Pharmaceuticals


Transforming Dreams Level

3D PhotoWorks




Educational Testing Service (ETS)



Can Do Believers Level

Family Resource Network, EDGE Program


NJ Commission for the Blind & Visually Impaired

NJ State Library Talking Book & Braille Center

Social Security Administration

Support Service Providers of NJ (SSPNJ)

SW Unlimited LLC


THURSDAY, NOV. 10, 2016


2:00 to 6:00 pm-Technology Seminar: Live the Life You Want-Ballroom B

Jane Degenshein, President, Technology Division 

2:00 pm-Welcome and Introductions
Jane Degenshein, President, Technology Division

Jane will welcome everyone and discuss several important websites such as
knfbreader.org and applevis.com, useful listservs, and essential telephone
numbers like Microsoft Support and Apple Accessibility hotlines

2:15 pm-Announcements
Joe Ruffalo, President, NFB of NJ
Joe will make several important announcements including the opening of
preregistration upon the conclusion of the seminar, the exhibitors' drawing,
and the banquet exchange.

2:20 PM-How to Use LowViz Guide  Navigation System
Dan Roberts, Director of MDsupport.org
Dan will explain how the system works and provide information needed to
navigate the hotel.

2:45 pm-Update on Commission Technology Services 

Mac Biggers, Technology Service Specialist, NJ Commission for the Blind and
Visually Impaired 

3:05 pm-Tech Tips with our National Representative
Everette Bacon, President, NFB of UT; Field Service Coordinator, Utah
Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Everette will share his favorites with us.

3:35 pm-iOS 10
Tony Santiago, Board Member, Technology Division 
Tony will share how he uses iOS 10 on his iPhone 7 and explain the new
voices in iOS, a new magnifier feature for low vision in the accessibility
app, the difference between the control and notification center, and how to
move apps into folders.

4:05 pm-Getting Serious about SIRI
Rick Fox, Board Member, Technology Division 
Rick will demonstrate commands for creating and reading email, voicemail,
and text messages, and show how to create and read reminders, learn about
good restaurants and movies nearby, and more.

4:25  pm-Introduction to the Android
Lydia Keller, Treasurer, Technology Division 
Lydia will explain the use of the camera, the speech module which is
equivalent to Voiceover on the iPhone, the settings, alerts, and more

4:45  pm-Victor Reader Stream
Annemarie Cooke and Brian Mackey, Board Members, Technology Division
Annemarie will explain why the need or desire to own both Victor Stream and
the iPhone, including the feature where books and magazines can be
downloaded. Brian will discuss the basic features of the Stream including
how to navigate the bookshelves, connect to WiFi, download a book from BARD,
and listen to publications on NEWSLINE.

5:15 pm-Demonstration of the IP Relay app and the BeSpecular 2 app
Alice Eaddy, Vice President, Technology Division 
Alice will explain how the BeSpecular and IP Relay apps can help deaf-blind
persons live the lives they want.  Users must have iOS 6 for BeSpecular and
iOS 9 for the IP Relay.

5:35 pm-Apps and More Apps
Mary Jo Partyka,  Recording Secretary, Technology Division 
Misty Hagan, Corresponding Secretary, Technology Division 
Mary Jo will explain the Calendar and the Weight Watchers app.  Misty will
share her favorite app the Bard mobile

3:00 to 9:00 pm-Exhibit Hall open-Ballroom D

Special Drawing-Visit every Exhibit Hall table, listen to what is available
there, and collect a table number card at each one.  Hand in your cards at
the designated area (TBA) and your name will be entered into a drawing for a
prize worth approximately $100. Drawing will be held at the Banquet. You do
not need to be present to win.


5:30 - 6:30 pm-Registration open-Ballroom D 









FRIDAY, NOV. 11, 2016


Friday breakfast is provided free of charge in the hotel restaurant for
those    registered with the hotel for Thursday evening.  You must bring
your coupon.  Please remember to leave a tip for your server.  


8:30 am-12:00 pm-Registration Open-Ballroom D

          Convention registration: $25

          Banquet tickets: $40 

          Box lunch can be purchased in the Registration Area: $15

Diabetic lunches available


8:00 am-1:00 pm-Exhibit Hall Open-Ballroom D


9:00 am-12:00 pm-Division Meetings-Ballroom B

9:00 - 9:40 am-Senior Division Meeting

Jane Degenshein, President  

9:45 - 10:40 am-Technology Division Meeting

Jane Degenshein, President 

10:45 - 11:20 am-Diabetic Division Meeting

Rebecca Bryant, President

11:25 - 12:00 pm-Braille Division Meeting

Mary Jo Partyka, President


11:30 am-12:30 pm-Lunch-Room A     


1:30-5:00 pm-PROGRAM-Main Ballroom A/C


1:30 pm-Welcome & Opening Remarks

Joseph Ruffalo, President, NFB of NJ; National Board Member, NFB

Everette Bacon, President, NFB of UT, National Board Member, NFB


1:40 pm-Introducing the New NFB of NJ Website

                   Brian Mackey, Webmaster


1:50 pm-What's New at the Library 

                   Adam Szczepaniak, Director, NJ Talking Book & Braille


2:05 pm-iCanConnect/NJ & Support Service Providers of NJ (SSPNJ)

Carly Fredericks, Family Specialist/ICC Outreach Specialist; 

Kathleen Spata, Statewide Program Coordinator


2:20 pm-Auction Prize


2:30 pm-Getting into the Game 

Linda Melendez, Annemarie Cooke, Laura Etori, Amo Musharraf, Trish Ebel,
Brian Mackey


3:00 pm-Auction Prize


3:10 pm-EDGE-Employment, Development, Guidance, Engagement

Pat McKenna, EDGE Employment Manager, Connor Mullin, EDGE Employment


3:30 pm-Confidence Challenge, &Change: What It Takes To Live the Life

You Want!

Julie Dedan, Director, Colorado Center for the Blind


3:50 pm-Auction Prize


4:00 pm-Self-Starter, Self-Employed

                   Rosa Santiago, Business Owner


4:15 pm-Opportunities in Americorps

                   Annemarie Cooke, Americorps Volunteer


4:30 pm-Why Am I a Federationist

Linda Melendez, Vee Gaspa, Mary Fernandez, Carol Castellano, Members


5:00 pm-Adjourn  


5:15 pm-Dinner on your own-Hotel restaurant is open.  

NFB of NJ Dinner-Those who preregistered and prepaid for the NFB of NJ
dinner, please proceed to Ballroom B.


7:00 pm-Resolutions Committee Meeting-Ballroom B

Ryan Stevens, Chair

                   All are welcome.


8:00 pm-Merchants Division Meeting-Location TBA

                   Contact Dan Facchini, President, at 201-906-8655 


8:00-8:30 pm-Banquet Exchange Open-Main Ballroom A/C

                   See Linda Melendez


Main Ballroom A/C

Hosted by the NJ Assoc. of Blind Students-NJABS

Vee Gaspa, President

NJ Assoc. of the Deaf-Blind

Alice Eaddy, President


                             Music and Dancing

Dance Lesson-Krystle Allen, Eyes Like Mine, Dancing with the Blind

Game Show

Deaf-Blind Division Raffle-please support!

Snacks for Sale by Student Division-please support! 

                             Cash Bar





NOTE:  Breakfast will be served from 7:00 - 8:30 am on Saturday morning in
Ballroom B for those registered in the hotel. 


SATURDAY, NOV. 12, 2016


7:00-8:30 am-Breakfast for those registered in the hotel-Ballroom B

7:00-8:30 am-NJ Assoc. of Guide Dog Users Division Breakfast Meeting-
Ballroom A; Dan Facchini, President


7:00-8:30 am-Student Social Breakfast-Back of Ballroom B 

                            Vee Gaspa, President


8:00-8:45 am-Registration Open-Outside Main Ballroom A/C


9:00 am-Welcome, Call to Order-Main Ballroom A/C

                   Joseph Ruffalo, President, NFB of NJ

                   Vee Gaspa, NJ Association of Blind Students


9:05 am-Invocation

Jane Degenshein, President, Tech & Senior Divisions


9:10 am-Opening Ceremonies  

                  Jane Degenshein, President, Tech & Senior Divisions


9:25 am-Introduction of Scholarship Class of 2016

                   Jerilyn Higgins, Chair  


9:35 am-Presidential Report

                   Joseph Ruffalo, President, NFB of NJ


10:00 am-The NFB-Raising Expectations for the Blind

Everette Bacon, President, NFB of UT, NFB National Board Member


10:30 am-NJCBVI-Working Together to Make a Difference

                   Daniel Frye, Executive Director, NJ Commission for the
Blind & VI


10:50 am-Advancing Opportunities in Technology for the Blind        

Vanessa Lombardo, Advancing Opportunities for the Blind


11:10         am-Funding Our Movement-It Must Be Done

                   Brian Mackey, Chair, PAC Plan


11:15 am-Braille: Keys to Success in School and in Your Career.

                   Julie Dedan, Director, Colorado Center for the Blind


11:25 am-The BELL Ringers-Braille Enrichment Learning & Literacy

Mary Jo Partyka and Holly Miller, BELL Program Coordinators; Barbara Shalit,
Braille Instructor; Jerilyn Higgins, ADL Instructor; Parents and Students


11:50 pm-Announcements


12:00 pm-Adjourn

12:00-12:30 pm-Banquet Ticket Exchange-Registration Area

                             See Linda Melendez


12:00-1:15 pm-Lunch-Pick up box lunch in Ballroom B

                             Reminder: You must have a lunch ticket.  

Diabetic lunches available.


12:00-1:30 pm-Deaf-Blind Division-Room TBA

Contact Alice Eaddy, President, for room number-856-285-4747

Pick up lunch in Ballroom B & proceed to meeting room


12:00-1:30 pm-NJ Association of Blind Students-Ballroom D

Vee Gaspa, President

Pick up lunch in Ballroom B & proceed to meeting room




1:30 - 3:45         pm-Tech Talk & Tips-Main Ballroom A/C

Jane Degenshein, President, Technology Division

1:30 pm-Welcome, Introductions

Jane Degenshein, President, Technology Division


1:40 pm-Getting Acquainted with Twitter and Facebook

Vee Gaspa, President, Student Division

2:00 pm-iDevice for the Beginning User
Rosa Santiago, Member, Technology Division


2:50 pm-KNFB Reader Demonstration
Rick Fox and Annemarie Cooke, Board Members, Technology Division


3:20 pm-Newsline Overview and Information

Jane Degenshein


3:30 pm-Q&A

3:00 - 3:55 pm-Confidence and Competence: Planning for Your Child's

Future-Parents Mini-Seminar-Ballroom D

Carol Castellano, Moderator

What does your child need for an independent future?  How hard should you
push?  Where can he or she get the skills and training needed? Guest
speakers Julie Dedan and Carina Orozco, CO Center for the Blind, Dan Frye,
NJ Commission for the Blind. Join us for information and inspiration! 



3:00 - 3:55 pm-Student Power!-Ballroom B

Vee Gaspa, President

The importance of advocacy and life on a college campus.


4:00-4:50 pm-Town Hall Meeting-Main Ballroom A/C

Dan Frye, Executive Director, CBVI; Nick Gacos, President, NFB Merchants
Division, Member, Business Enterprise NJ


5:00-5:15 pm-Banquet Ticket Exchange Open-Back of Ballroom A/C

                   See Linda Melendez             


6:45 pm-Banquet-Main Ballroom A/C 


            Master of Ceremonies-Nicky Gacos 


         Invocation-Rick Fox


         Banquet Address-Everette Bacon, NFB National Representative



Agnes Allen Distinguished Service Award 


NJ State LibraryTalking Book & Braille Center, 

Adam Szczepaniak, Director


Special Awards


Tom and Gail Ferry Memorial  Award

Tara Carty Memorial Award

Holiday Inn Manahawkin

          Surprise Award


NFB of NJ Scholarship Awards-Jerilyn Higgins, Scholarship Chair

                   Klaus & Michelle Zechner Scholarship

                   Louise and Peter Facchini Memorial Scholarship 

                   Tara Carty Memorial Scholarship

                   Gail & Tom Ferry Memorial Scholarship 

                   Edwin Lewinson Memorial Scholarship



We thank our members, chapters, and divisions for their generous donations
of auction items. Please bid high and bid often, as all proceeds will assist
in growing the affiliate and making a difference!


Special Drawing

Those in attendance are eligible for a prize valued to $1000 toward
attendance at the 2017 NFB National Convention or at the NFB of NJ State
Convention for two years.

SUNDAY, NOV. 13, 2016

Morning Devotions will be held from 7-7:30 am on Sunday in Ballroom B. 

Rebecca Bryant, Misty Hagen


Please Note:  Checkout time is 11:00 am.  Bring your luggage to the meeting
with you or bring it to the hotel desk for storage before the meeting.


7:45 am-Breakfast-Main Ballroom A/C


8:45 -11:30 am-Program and Business Meeting-Main Ballroom A/C


                   Invocation-Rebecca Bryant

                   Roll Call of Chapters and Divisions

                   Raising Expectations to Live the Life We Want-Everette

Legislative Report-Ryan Stevens, Chair, Legislative Committee

                        Resolutions-Ryan Stevens, Chair, Resolutions

                   Chapter, Division, Committee Reports




Thank you to the NJ Talking Book and Braille Center for Brailling this
National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey




President - Joseph Ruffalo

1st Vice President - Jerilyn Higgins

2nd Vice President - Mary Jo Partyka 

Secretary - Alice Eaddy

Treasurer - Brian Mackey



Board Members 

Rebecca Bryant

Linda DeBerardinis

Jane Degenshein

Dan Facchini

Mary Fernandez

Anthony Lanzilotti


Chapters and Divisions

At Large Chapter                                  Joe Ruffalo

Capitol Chapter                                     Mary Jo Partyka

Central Chapter                                    Jerilyn Higgins

Garden State Chapter                          Ryan Stevens

Glasstown Chapter                               Lydia Keller

South Jersey Shore Chapter               Anthony Lanzilotti

Northeast Chapter                                Dan Facchini

Northern Chapter                                  Rebecca Bryant

Deaf-Blind Division                               Alice Eaddy

Diabetes Division                                  Rebecca Bryant

Merchants Division                               Dan Facchini

NJ Assoc. of Blind Students                Vee Gaspa

NJ Assoc. of Guide Dog Users           Dan Facchini

NJ Assoc. to Promote the Use of Braille  Mary Jo Partyka    609-888-5459

NJ Assoc. of Senior Blind                    Jane Degenshein

Parents of Blind Children-NJ               Carol Castellano

Technology Division                                       Jane Degenshein



NFB National Divisions

For a list of national divisions and committees, please visit www.nfb.org.



Blindness can be reduced to a physical nuisance once the blind person 

learns and uses the proper techniques and skills of blindness.



We thank Carol Castellano, Jane Degenshein, and Jerilyn Higgins 

for their help on this agenda. Thanks to all our members for 

your continuing support as we change what it means to be blind.





3D PhotoWorks

John Olson, Co-Founder

124 Hudson Ave.

Chatham, NY 12037


john at 3dphotoworks.com




Danny Harel, President

290 Andrews Road

Feasterville-Trevose, PA 19053

888 246 5984

info at activocal.com




Chuck Cohen, President 

2 N. William St.

Pearl River, NY 10965


chuck at magnifyit.com




Mike Rosen, Vice President


210 Colchester Ave.

Burlington, VT 05405

802 233 8767

mrosen at easytactilegraphics.com



Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Morgan Murray, Disability Policy Cons.

660 Rosedale Rd.

Princeton, NJ 08541 


mmurray001 at ets.org



Eye Assist, LLC

Paul Hansen, President/Owner

6 Smith Avenue

Park Ridge, NJ 07656


eyeassist3 at gmail.com



Family Resource Network

Pat McKenna, EDGE Employment Mngr.

Trisha Ebel, EDGE Employment Coord.

Connor Mullin, EDGE Employment Coord.

Joseph Kohn Training Center (JKTC)

130 Livingston Avenue

New Brunswick, NJ 08901


patriciaebel0302 at comcast.net



Carly Fredericks, Family Specialist/

ICC Outreach Specialist

The College of New Jersey

School of Education

PO Box 7718

Ewing, NJ 08628


carly.fredericks at tcnj.edu




Keith & Janet Parmerter

196 Gramist Ln.

Loganville, GA 30057


janet at parmertertours.com

keith.parmerter at yahoo.com






NJ  Dept. of Humans Services 

Commission for the Blind & VI

Pamela Gaston, Public Info. Specialist

153 Halsey St. 6th fl.

Newark, NJ 07102


askcbvi at dhs.state.nj.us



NJ State Library 

Talking Book & Braille Center

Adam Szczepaniak, Director

2300 Stuyvesant Ave.

Trenton, NJ 08618

800-792-8322 ext. 801

aszczepaniak at njstatelib.org




Social Security Administration

Simone Herndon, Public Affairs Specialist

8 Commerce Way Suite 120

Trenton, NJ 08961

877 839 4786 x10516

Simone.Herndon at ssa.gov





Support Service Providers of New Jersey (SSPNJ)

Kathleen Spata, Statewide Program Coordinator

The College of New Jersey

School of Education

PO Box 7718 

Ewing, NJ 08628


spatak at tcnj.edu



SW Unlimited, LLC  

Sherlock Washington, Owner/Founder

81 Ortley Ct.
Matawan, NJ 07747
732-290-1677 or 732-229-5353
sherlock at swunlimited.com



Vanda Pharmaceuticals

Michelle McGinnis, Account Manager/NJ,PA

2200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 300 E

Washington, DC 20037


michelle.mcginnis at vandapharma.com




Special Thanks for the generous donation from:

Radwell International




Contact Information


Krystle Allen                 862-600-2144    Info at eyeslikemine.org

Everette Bacon            801-323-4372    baconev at yahoo.com

Mac Biggers                 862--777-4169   mac.biggers at dhs.state.nj.us 

Carol Castellano          973-377-0976    carol_castellano at verizon.net

Annemarie Cooke       609-859-4084    aec732 at gmail.com

Julie Dedan                  303-778-1130 X 210   jdedan at cocenter.org

Jane Degenshein        973-736-5785    jdegen16 at comcast.net

Alice Eaddy                  856-765-0601     <mailto:cheiro_alice at aol.com>
cheiro_alice at aol.com

Trish Ebel                     201-583-0949    patriciaebel0302 at comcast.net

Laura Etori                    201-456-2943    letori.etori6 at gmail.com

Mary Fernandez          732-574-7004    trillian551 at gmail.com

Rick Fox                       973-641-5067    richardfox1 at comcast.net

Carly Fredericks          609-771-2711    carly.fredericks at tcnj.edu

Dan Frye                      973-648-2324    daniel.frye at dhs.state.nj.us

Nicky Gacos                 732-672-7766    nickycolorado at netscape.net

Vee Gaspa                   434 989-1868     veronica.gaspa at student.shu.edu

Misty Hagan                 973 234 5776     kattess360 at gmail.com

Jerilyn Higgins             973-239-8874    jdhiggins3 at verizon.net

Lydia Keller                  856-696-3518    lydiakeller at comcast.net

Vanessa Lombardo     <tel:609%20218%201232> 609 218 1232
<mailto:Vlombardo at advopps.org> Vlombardo at advopps.org

Pat McKenna               732-937-6397
cpmckenna at familyresourcenetwork.org

Brian Mackey               609 953 6988     bmackey88 at gmail.com

Linda Melendez           732-888-2887    lindamelendez220 at gmail.com

Holly Miller                    732-610-5478    pobcnj at gmail.com

Connor Mullin               732-937-6397
cmullin at familyresourcenetwork.org

Amo Musharraf            732-348-8615    amo.musharraf at outlook.com

Mary Jo Partyka           609-888-5459    choirnfb at gmail.com

Dan Roberts                 888-866-6148    directormdsupport.org

Joseph Ruffalo            973-743-0075    nfbnj1 at verizon.net

Rosa Santiago             201 892 6946     service at mariposaessence.com

Tony Santiago             609-499-2376    ts_128 at verizon.net

Barbara Shalit              973-538-3984    barbart at gti.net

Kathleen Spata            609-771-2795    spatak at tcnj.edu

Ryan Stevens              856-240-1497    rysteve at comcast.net

Adam Szczepaniak     800-792-8322    aszczepaniak at njstatelib.org



Forwarded by:


Brian A. Mackey

Brian A. Mackey
Owner, Mackey Enterprises, LLC
Treasurer & Webmaster, National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey
 <mailto:Bmackey88 at gmail.com> Bmackey88 at gmail.com
 <http://www.mackeyenterprisesllc.com/> www.mackeyenterprisesllc.com

"Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make
those dreams come true"
      -Vince Papale


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