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Become fully equipped with the 2016 Tech Bundle 
being raffled at the Tennessee Affiliate table – 
A34!  What a bundle it is! These gadgets are 
universal for all of your Bluetooth wireless and 
portable devices. Would you like to know what’s included??

1. Ultra Slim, 80-hour Working Time, Wireless, 
Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard (with a built-in lithium battery)
Slim keyboard for one or more of your devices
Supports Windows, IOS, Android, Mac OS
Comfortable, low profile, quiet keys
Adjustable tilt legs
Ultra thin
Bluetooth 3.0
Use to text message, browse the web, reply to 
e-mails, gaming, and so much more!

2.  Compact USB Battery Pack to Recharge Portable Devices – Black 2000 mAh
Comes with a charging cable. USB cable included, 
which has many connector types.
Long service life battery

3. Waterproof, Wireless, Bluetooth, Hands Free, 
Mic-in Shower/Car Mini Suction Speaker
6 hours of play time
Use in your car, shower, by the pool or at the beach
Built in control buttons

4. Small, Wireless, Bluetooth, Invisible Ear Bud
Color: coffee
Hands free calling
High performance, stereo ear bud
Built in HD sensitivity microphone
Up to 4 hours of complete talk time
3-5 hours of music time
Use to listen to books, music, teleconferences, or with use of a GPS

Total Value of this bundle is $150.00

Also at A34, check out all the cool products that 
Kustom Cane has to offer! Check out our cane 
designs - we can personalize your cane in any 
color, sports team, hobby, any other unique 
design! Canes come with Cane Shield - a clear, 
protective coating that protects your cane from 
wear and tear, for years to come. No more chips, 
scratching, and wear damage after just a couple of uses.
But that is only the beginning! Check out our 
wide selection of cane charms! Silver, tactile 
charms of all colors, shapes, and sizes to add a 
little charm to your mobility!  Check out our 
Braille charms for a unique, personalized gift 
for your friend’s cane or guide dog collar! Our 
top seller is back this year – the Personal Alarm 
Charms, with over 120 decibels of sound to deter 
anyone. Charms come in silver and red hearts, in 
addition to some masculine designs. We have the 
Rechargeable Speaker Charm or the Deluxe 
Bluetooth Speaker Charm (the size of a dice, and 
it packs a punch!) Also available: 19-in-1 Tool 
Charms, Door Key Charm with Hidden Knife, the 
Cane Finder Charm, Compact Battery Pack Charm to 
recharge your portable devices, the LED Light/Stun Gun charm, and so much more!
As you can see, the Tennessee Affiliate booth A34 
will be your one-stop, shop till you drop table! 
Our products and raffle are a must see!  From 
gifts, technology, mobility, gifts, gadgets, 
raffles and more, we will be the number one stop at the exhibit floor!
Finally, this year you have the opportunity to 
participate in a wonderful cause. How? Wondering 
what to do with that old cane you no longer use 
in the closet? Is that drawer of used canes 
collecting dust and taking up space? Donate your 
old canes to our new “You Cane Give” program. 
Kustom Cane is collecting donated canes to 
refurbish and send to individuals who are blind 
and visually impaired around the world free of 
charge! Let’s face it, we have it good here in 
our country. With the click of a button, we can 
order almost anything we need, including a cane. 
In countries like Mexico, China, India, and the 
African continent, people do not have access to 
the proper tools to empower independence and 
success. Do not let your canes go to 
waste!  “You Cane Give” allows you to help us 
give your used cane to a person far away who 
needs it!  Kustom Cane will give you a $15 credit 
towards the purchase of a cane or accessories if 
you donate a cane to “You Cane Give.”  Also, 
as an added incentive, if you donate your cane or 
ship it to us by July 6, 2016, we will enter your 
name in a drawing to win a special gift from 
Kustom Cane, valued at $35. Kustom Cane will be 
at the Tennessee affiliate table - A34. For more 
information, contact James Boehm at 
<mailto:kustomcane at gmail.com>kustomcane at gmail.com 
or at 901-483-1515. Make a difference
Donate a cane today!
James Alan Boehm
Contact Information:
Phone: 901-483-1515
Personal Email: <mailto:jimmydagerman80 at gmail.com>jimmydagerman80 at gmail.com
NFB Email: <mailto:secretary at nfb-tn.org>secretary at nfb-tn.org
Kustom Cane: <mailto:kustomcane at gmail.com>kustomcane at gmail.com

Blindness never limits-low expectations do! Live the life you want!

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