[Nfbnet-members-list] The NFB Senior Division 4th Conference Call - Wednesday June 8th

Robert Leslie Newman newmanrl at cox.net
Wed Jun 1 15:26:52 UTC 2016

4th Senior Division Conference Call for 2016

Wednesday, June 8, 2016: Let’s Keep Writing and 
Publishing and More - moderated by Robert Leslie 
Newman, member of the NFB Writers’ Division.

My name is Robert Leslie Newman, and I have been 
a member of the Writers’ Division for 20 years. 
All my life, I have loved reading and writing 
stories. Going blind at age 15 didn’t stop me 
from having access to the world of the written 
word; I learned the needed blindness skills to 
keep reading and writing. Many of our Division 
members are published in some manner; writing is 
not all about making big book sales. Come and see 
what our Division has to offer you!

Please join Robert and fellow Federationists as he leads this 4th NFB
Senior Division conference call, Wednesday, June 08, 2016 at the usual
times and numbers:

4:00 Eastern

3:00 central

2:00 Mountain

1:00 Pacific

Dial:  712-432-1500
Access code: 759633pound.

You will be then asked to confirm the access code 
numbers and press 1 to be included in the conference call.

As usual, we ask that you put your telephone, 
(even when using the speaker) on a "mute" mode by 
pressing star 6.  When you wish to comment or ask 
a question, unmute yourself by pressing once again, star 6.

In our last call, we did have several people 
trying to speak at once so, after making your 
comments, please put yourself back in the
"mute" mode with star 6.

If you state your name, the moderator will be 
able to recognize you for your questions and 
remarks and, is most happy to do so.

As usual, the call will be recorded and posted on 
our NFB senior web page for download or 
podcast.  You can also use your telephone to 
listen once again with the following numbers:

Playback number:  712-432-1202. Access code: 
759633pound.  You then are asked for a reference 
number and, for this call it will be number 17.

As always, please share this information with 
your friends, chapter members and especially to 
those who may be knew to the Federation.

We look forward to hearing from you and we trust 
you will share what you learn with your family, 
friends and members in the community who may be losing vision.

Ruth Sager,
President, NFB Senior Division

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