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Dick Davis ddavis at blindinc.org
Wed Jul 20 02:59:47 UTC 2016

Please take note of these positions at Amazon and 
apply if you can.  This is so important I am posting it to all of nfbnet.
Dick Davis
From: President, National Federation of the Blind 
[mailto:OfficeOfThePresident at nfb.org]
Subject: Jobs at Amazon
Here are some jobs to post to members. These 
could really have an impact on accessibility at Amazon.
From: Korn, Peter [mailto:pkorn at lab126.com]
Subject: My action item: URL for our open 
accessibility engineering/QA positions [was Re: 
NFB/Amazon Education - Collaborative Session/Conference Call]
NFB colleagues,
One of my action items coming out of our meeting 
earlier today was to share the URL for our open 
accessibility positions.  Please see 
which is a special “landing page” for all 
of our open jobs on the Devices Accessibility and 
Internationalization Team, which delivers 
VoiceView on Fire Tables and Fire TV, 
magnification on Fire Tablets, and our other 
accessibility features on FireOS devices.  It 
also delivers internationalization support for 
those products, and while this page lists jobs in 
both areas, at the moment 6 of the 8 open positions are for accessibility.
Across all of Amazon, you can find positions that 
mention “accessibility” with the URL 
That will include the 6 positions at the URL 
above, but also many in the website org., as well 
as positions that aren’t full-time dedicated to 
accessibility but for which we would like 
accessibility expertise.  That search term will 
also turn up things related to things like 
“Access Management”, so candidates will need 
to read through job titles & descriptions in 
order to ensure the position is something they 
are interested in.  As an aside, that’s how I 
found my job – I just did a searcch for 
“accessibility” on 
<http://jobs.amazon.com>jobs.amazon.com while 
making a purchase, and found the Accessibility 
Architect role that I’m now in.
As I mentioned on our call, we already employ a 
number of blind folks on this team, both in QA as 
well software development.  And we’d love to have more!
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