[Nfbnet-members-list] 19th Annual Mock Trial

Scott C. Labarre slabarre at labarrelaw.com
Fri Jul 1 16:33:31 UTC 2016

All rise!

You are all cordially invited to the 19th Annual Mock Trial taking 
place here at the Convention this afternoon from 4:15 to 5:45 in 
Panzacola Ballroom G-1.  Come hear the case of Bucksome and Bleader 
v. Bodacious Burgers Inc. and Good Feeling Medical Clinic Inc.  At 
issue in this case is the way inaccessible health kiosks and 
inaccessible restaurant services ruin the lives of two fine blind 
people.  Our Judge this afternoon will be the Federation's Immediate 
Past President, Dr. Marc Maurer.  Admission is $5 and supports the 
National Association of Blind Lawyers.  As usual, we think there will 
be lots of laughs while addressing serious discrimination issues that 
we as blind people face.

Scott La Barre, President

slabarre at labarrelaw.com

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