[Nfbnet-members-list] Request for Information

Merry Schoch merrys at verizon.net
Mon Sep 14 23:57:03 UTC 2015

Hello NFB members and interested list serv members,

I am writing for two purposes:

I am a licensed clinical social worker in private practice.  I am 
currently applying to be a provider on various insurance panels.  One 
of the requirements is to fill out a CAQH application which is where 
the insurance providers inquire about my credentials.  I am reaching 
out to see if anyone has or is currently in the process of filling 
out this application and having difficulty with the CAQH application 
process using screen access software such as JAWS or Magic?

Secondly, as president of the Human Services division of the NFB, I 
am gathering information for a resource on our up and coming web 
site.  We are looking for counselors who are licensed or being 
supervised by a licensed professional, that are able to offer 
counseling and supportive services to persons who are newly blind or 
losing eye sight.  Who better to help these individuals with the 
emotional component of loss of eye sight than those with Federation philosophy.

Saturday my husband and I spent two and one half hours with a 
neighbor and her family due to her recent loss of eye sight.  I found 
it appalling that her medical doctor wrote out a prescription to get 
a white cane.  Of course, she took it to her local drug store who had 
no clue, referred her to a Brace and Limb facility offering her no 
help, and then she was lost.  Her husband stopped us one night as we 
were walking home from grocery shopping and stated he as seen us in 
the neighborhood for years.  I am so glad he did because I believe 
there is tragedy in her story of trying to obtain a white cane.  Now, 
she and her family are connected and have the emotional support. We 
will aid her in directing her to receive the services she needs, as 
well as being role models of Federation philosophy.  The reason I 
share the above experience is because I do not believe it is unique 
and this resource list will be a valuable tool for those who are 
newly blind or losing their eye sight.

If you are a professional that is interested in being listed on the 
resource, please send me your name, credentials, and contact 
information.  If you would like to also provide insurance panels that 
you are a provider for that would be an added benefit.

You may email me at <mailto:merrys at verizon.net>merrys at verizon.net or 
call me at 813 625 1850.

Thank you!

With love, hope, and determination,
Merry C. Schoch LCSW
National Federation of the Blind
Human Services Division

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