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Marsha Drenth marsha.drenth at gmail.com
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>We are streaming this year's annual NFB of 
>Pennsylvania convention, which takes place from 
>November 13-November 15. as you are likely 
>aware, this is an historical event, not only 
>because this is the NFB's 75th anniversary, but 
>our organization was also founded in 
>Wilkes-Barre, PA, on November16, 1940. As a 
>matter of fact, our convention will be held at 
>the very hotel (under a different name and 
>management of course) where our organization's 
>founding members met and founded the National Federation of the Blind.
>General sessions will be streamed on Saturday, 
>14 November. Meetings start at 8:30 to noon, and 
>1:30PM-4:30PM. If times need to be adjusted, 
>we'll update. We also should be streaming the 
>banquet starting at 7 PM. We may also stream 
>some of Friday's activities as well, so keep an 
>eye on the stream. If you can't make it to the 
>NFB of Pennsylvania convention, we'd love for 
>you to tune into the stream. We can accommodate 
>up to 100 listeners at a time, so there will be room for you J
>Find links to the convention streams on the NFBP convention page:
>The NFB of Pennsylvania is now on Facebook, 
>please go to 
>and “like” the page. There will be lots of 
>convention events posted on the page. You’re 
>sure not to want to miss all of the exciting 
>activities happening at this historical event!
>The Pennsylvania Social Media Team

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