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Hello SUR
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Convention Call to Action: Performing Arts Project

Friends and family of the Federation,
If you answer this call to action consider yourself to be an angel in The choir of living the lives we want!
The Performing Arts Division is coordinating one awesome, Historical, one of a kind, unforgettable presentation for the general session audience.  In order for this performance to meet the highest of standards audibly we need to acquire some pretty nifty sound equipment while in Orlando.  We are asking all our Federation friends and family to consider assisting by making a generous contribution to the Performing Arts Division as we negotiate the logistics.
We're urging individuals to consider donating any of the following:
1. Forte Sponsorship: $250; Affiliate, Chapters, Individuals who have a passion for being a part of something magical and respect the Performing Arts.
2. Mezzo Forte Sponsorship: $100; same respect for the Performing Arts but may have a slightly thinner pocket book.
3. Piano Sponsorship: $$$ of your choice, you just rock & roll with the NFB!

If you contribute you'll be assisting in the production of something That will go down in history as we hit the loudest note of our independence, and emphasize the melodic harmony that is security, Equality, and opportunity we all strive to achieve.
To confirm your Pledge contact Richie Flores, 512-796-9638, or by emailing flores.richie at gmail.com.
Donations should be directed to the Performing Arts Division of the National Federation of the Blind.
Jordy D. Stringer, President, Performing Arts Division, National Federation of the Blind
Phone: 317-629-4639
E-mail: nfbpad at gmail.com

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