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The May edition of the Braille Monitor presents a 
fascinating examination of the effect of 
attitudes on both policy making and personal 
behavior.  Marc Maurer gave an address to the 
2015 Jacobus tenBroek Law Symposium entitled 
Improving and Augmenting the ADA, Rehabilitation 
Act, and IDEA­A Vision for the Next Twenty-Five 
Years: Disability and the Law of the Poor.  This 
address which is reprinted in the May Braille 
Monitor explains how both the attitudes of 
society and the attitudes of the disabled 
themselves will determine disability policy over 
the next 25 years.  Read this stimulating article 
to find out why Dr. Maurer thinks “the law should 
abandon the practice of adopting rights for 
disabled people without creating a corresponding set of remedies.”

The lack of employment is one of the greatest 
problems that blind people face today.  Dick 
Davis continues the theme of the effect of 
attitudes in his article entitled Blind People and Talking Dogs.

Attitudes effect individual behavior.  Read My 
West Virginia Experience by Dr. Donald C. Capps 
to see what shaped his attitude for a lifetime of 
giving back to the NFB.  How did Ronald A. Owens 
acquire his positive attitude toward 
Braille?  Read Illiterate No More to find the 
answer to this question and to see how his attitude toward Braille developed.

The struggle of changing attitudes is challenging 
and difficult.  Patti Chang and Kelsey Nicolay 
describe the personal struggle and reward of 
changing attitudes.  Patti Chang’s article is 
Jumping the Fire and Kelsey Nicolay’s article is 
My Journey Toward Winning Friends and Influencing Others.

Changing what it means to be blind is a lofty 
goal, but what does it mean?  The attitudes that 
shape the philosophy of the National Federation 
of the Blind are eloquently explained in The 
Barrier of the Visible Difference by Dr. Kenneth 
Jernigan.  The statistics presented in the 
article by Donna Hill, Is Literacy Really for 
Everyone?–The Numbers Tell a Different Story, 
should compel us to continue the work of the Federation.
Read, heed, and succeed.
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Sharon Maneki

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