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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Mar 26 07:49:10 UTC 2015

The Braille Monitor: March Edition

Whether you read the Braille Monitor when it is hot off the press or 
if you read it later, I believe that the information it contains is 
always right on time.  The March edition is a perfect 
example.  Reprinting the Washington issue fact sheets in March 
ensures that we have the information in a convenient form as we 
prepare to visit Congressmen and Senators who are home in their 
districts for the spring recess.  These priorities will never be 
enacted unless we take action.   The Presidential Election of 2016 is 
really right around the corner. "A Troubled State of Accessible 
Voting" by Lou Ann Blake is a timely reminder for state affiliates to 
work with their Boards of Elections to ensure that we will continue 
to have a secret ballot and be able to vote in private in this 
upcoming important election.

Government information is not the only thing we need.  The article by 
Anne Taylor entitled "Access Technology: Spreading the Word and the 
Knowledge", reminds us of the valuable resources available to us 
through the Jernigan Institute's Access Technology team.  Who doesn't 
need information on technology?

As parents make summer plans for their children the information in 
the Monitor Miniatures about summer programs for children and youth 
at our NFB training centers is certainly right on time.

  Inspiration is always timely.  "Daring to Be All We Can Be" by Paul 
Gabias will not only inspire parents of blind children, but also 
serves as a good reminder to all of us to strive to fulfill our 
dreams.  E. U. Parker was an inspiring leader.   Be sure to read 
Peggy Chong's article about "Ethel Ulysses Parker, Jr." to learn 
about Mr. Parker's leadership and contributions to our movement.

Reading the Braille Monitor will provide you with in-depth coverage 
of issue and events.  Just when you need it, it is always right on time.

The Braille Monitor page is at:

The March 2015 Braille Monitor can be found at:


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