[Nfbnet-members-list] Colorado Association of Guide Dog Users - Fund Raiser

Dishon Spears dspears at cocenter.org
Sun Jun 28 02:23:02 UTC 2015

To all waggied tailed conventioneers, the Colorado Association of 
Guide Dog Users (COAGDU) would like you to support our cause to raise 
money for our Colorado division so that we can continue to educate 
people all across the state of Colorado, about guide dogs as well as 
other areas of interests pertaining to the local affiliate and the 
national organization.   You don't have to have a guide dog or 
perhaps you have or know someone that has dogs that you love and just 
want to give them a gift. We will be selling treats in a jar which is 
a mixture of different ingredients placed into a jar and all you have 
to do, is take it home and bake them.  The jar will come with a 
cookie cutter that you can use to cut out the treats before baking 
them, as well as Braille or print instructions, not to mention that 
the jar can be reused for something else when done.  The treats in a 
jar will come in two different sizes, the first one will be a pint 
jar and will sell for $7 or 2 for $12 and the second jar will be a 
quart jar which will sell for $9 or 2 for $16.  There will also be 
some sample treats to give your dogs to try.  If you know that your 
dog has a wheat allergy, then they are covered as well, because we 
will also have treat jars that are filled with oat meal instead of 
the wheat flour and these too can be purchased in both sizes 
previously mentioned above. You can find any member of the COAGDU 
board at the NFBCO table in the convention hall during the times that 
it is open or during the NAGDU board meeting taking place on July 5th 
as well as on July 7th located in Salon 3, level 2 around 7:00p.m...
Lastly let it be known that these treats have been "doggy tested and approved."

Happy conventioning!!!

Dishon Spears
Vice President (COAGDU)
dspears at cocenter.org
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