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>Subject: Trailmix info
>Hello all,
>      The final tally for this years National Convention trail mix 
> offerings is:
>90 bags fruit & nut
>10 bags nuts only
>  5 bags fruit & nut, no almonds (for Dacia)
>  7 bags golden raisens and cranberries (testing new offering for future year)
>total:  112 bags @ $4 = $448 - $200  for supplies = $248 profit.
>    I'm turning over my suitcase containing all the packs, suitably 
> identified Sunday afternoon to Rita  and LInda, who will take it 
> with them to convention.
>   Chris, I couldn't use your suitcase - I'm sure it's fine for 
> clothing but but it's way too soft to handle 35 pounds+ of trail 
> mix.  Baggage handlers throw around luggage in less than a gentle 
> manner.  We can't take the chance that the trail mix bags could be 
> crushed or torn during transit so I've substituted one of mine that 
> is more resilient.
>Rita, Each category of trail mix is in a separate bag, with a note 
>inside describing the contents of that particular bag. I didn't feel 
>the need to put a label into the trash bag containing thr fruit & 
>nut packs because they so far aoutweigh the other kinds.  I've also 
>included a note card describing the contents as well as a business 
>card with my contact info.  The contents card is in a pouch inside 
>the inner lid, and there  is another business card in an outer 
>pounch on the lid.
>Good luck with the sales!
>If you have any questions, give me a call.
>Make sure you tag the luggage at the gate.  It's pretty heavy - I'm 
>thinking around 30 pounds or possibly more - the suitcase does have 
>a handle and is wheeled.
>Dan Flasar
>Lewis & clark
>NFB of Missouri
>H: (314)646-7128
>C: (314)265-4787
><mailto:danflasar at aol.com>danflasar at aol.com
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