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Sean Whalen nabs.president at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 19:19:42 UTC 2015

Fellow Federationists,


The 75th anniversary convention of the National Federation of the Blind is
upon us, and the National Association of Blind students (NABS) is excited to
celebrate this milestone!


NABS has three events at convention of which I would like to make all of you
aware, and in which I would like to request your participation:


#1 NABS Annual Business meeting


On Monday July 6, NABS will be holding our annual business meeting in Junior
Ballroom F, located on the first level of the Rosen Centre. Registration
will open at 6:00pm, and the gavel will drop at 7:00pm sharp, kicking off
what promises to be an informative and energizing meeting! But wait, before
the meeting deets, didn't somebody say something about an iPad? Yes, indeed
we did. Thanks to the generosity of Learning Ally, NABS will be opening our
meeting by giving away an iPad with use kit, including head phones and an
external speaker. And, no. You don't need to buy a raffle ticket. This is a
door prize! That is correct. All you need to do to have your shot at this
sweet piece of Apple tech is to be registered and in the ballroom when the
meeting starts at 7:00. Want more good news? If you are through the line,
registered, and in the ballroom by 6:30, your name will be double entered in
the door prize pool. I wasn't a math major, but those sound like favorable
odds to me. So come early, beat the chaotic lines, and maximize your chances
of walking away with the iPad, cash, or other great prizes. And, while we're
on the subject of beating chaotic lines, don't forget that you can save
yourself the trouble of providing your contact information by preregistering
for the meeting right here:



Lest you think that the iPad is the only reason to come out and spend your
evening with NABS, let me provide a preview of the killer content at this
year's meeting. We'll have students talking about studying and interning
abroad, and building strong state student divisions. We'll have
presentations on legislative efforts to ensure that blind students have
accessible instructional materials in higher education, and ongoing legal
action to make the promise of laws that mandate equal access a reality.
We'll be hearing from true experts in the fields of accessible math and
graphics and accessibility of collaboration software. And, of course, Mr.
Mark Riccobono will be addressing and inspiring attendees for the first time
as the President of the National Federation of the blind. There will be
numerous additional presentations of interest to all Federationists. Check
the agenda out, it's attached and pasted below my signature! We'll also be
holding elections. So, come on out! And, in case you can't make it to
Orlando, stay tuned. Technology permitting, we will be streaming the meeting
at the following link:


Big thanks to Jonathan Candler and Chris Nusbaum of KJSC Radio for providing
the stream. More details will be distributed closer to the meeting date.


#2 Monte Carlo Night


You know it, you love it, and it is back again! From 8:00pm to 11:30pm on
Wednesday July 8, NABS is giving you the chance to play blackjack, hold'em,
and other card games to win cash prizes of $100, $75, and $50 for the top
three chip-holders at the end of the night. The action will be in Salon 9,
on the second level of the hotel. There will be a cash bar available. So
drop in before or after the ball, or come for the whole thing to play cards,
chat with old friends, and meet some new ones.


#3 Penny Wars and Exhibit Hall


                You won't want to miss our first ever Penny Wars fundraiser!
Get ready for some competition between five proud national divisions: the
Lawyers, Merchants, Parents, Performing Arts, and Travelers. Stop by table
B25 in the Exhibit Hall to throw some silver into the divisions you love
most, while negatively contributing to those you want to see defeated by
dropping the copper. Silver coins and dollars add lots of points to the
buckets, while pennies subtract five points for each. The winning division
will take home 50% of the total raised, while NABS takes the other half.
Come by, bring your friends, and join us as we have exciting and competitive
fun! And even if you don't have cash to drop, we are always eager to speak
with students and Federationists about issues impacting blind students and
the work of NABS.


I look forward to meeting and reconnecting with many of you in Orlando!
Please do not hesitate to be in touch with any questions, concerns, or
suggestions. You can reach me at 608 332-4147 or nabs.president at gmail.com.


Sean Whalen

President, National Association of Blind Students

Nabs.president at gmail.com



Building Bridges and Breaking down Barriers

National Association of Blind Students

A Division of the National Federation of the Blind

Annual Seminar and Business Meeting

July 6, 2015

7:00         Welcome and Call to Order - Sean Whalen, President, National
Association of Blind Students

7:05         A Message from Our President - Mark Riccobono, President,
National Federation of the Blind

7:20         Meet the Class of 2015 Part I - Patti Gregory-Chang, Chair, NFB
Scholarship Committee 

7:35         Blind abroad: The three most useful characteristics that helped
me in Latin America - Justin Harford, Mobility International USA

7:45         An Introduction to Accessible Math and Graphics - John Gardner,
President, ViewPlus

8:00         Visual Interpreter using Google Glass - Suman Kanuganti, CEO,
Aira Tech Corp and Michael Hingson, President, Michael Hingson Group

8:05         Why I'm in NABS and Why Stepping up Matters - Karen Anderson,
1st Vice President, National Association of Blind Students

8:15         Meet the Class of 2015 Part II - Patti Gregory-Chang, Chair,
NFB Scholarship Committee 

8:25         Mentoring Matters - Mary Alexander, National Director,
Initiatives for the Blind, Learning Ally

8:35         What Can I Do?: NABS Update - Sean Whalen, President, National
Association of Blind Students

8:50         The Long Arm of the Law: NFB's Work to Ensure an Equal
Education for Blind Students - Mehgan Sidhu, General Counsel and Valerie
Yingling, Paralegal, National Federation of the Blind 

9:00         TEACH to SMART: Our Journey toward Achieving Accessibility in
Higher Education - Gabe Cazares, Government Affairs Specialist, National
Federation of the Blind; 2nd Vice President, National Association of Blind

9:10         How Diversifying Technology Proficiencies Can Ease Problem
Solving and Collaborating - Cindy Bennett, 1st Year Ph.D. Student in Human
Centered Design and Engineering, University of Washington

9:20         Have You Considered Entrepreneurial Opportunities in
Randolph-Sheppard?: Maybe You Should - Jesse Hartle, Rehabilitation Services
Administration, United States Department of Education

9:25         The PAC Attack is Back - Scott LaBarre, Chair, PAC Committee;
President, National Federation of the Blind of Colorado

9:30         Revitalizing the Massachusetts Student Division - Derek
Manners, 1st Vice President, Massachusetts Association of Blind Students;
Board Member, National Association of Blind Students

9:40         Announcements

9:55         Elections

10:30  Adjourn


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