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Dr. Mary Chappell mtc5 at cox.net
Tue Aug 18 06:06:46 UTC 2015

Greetings Fellow Human Services Division members and interested 
listserv members,

On August 2, 2015 the Board of Directors of the Human Services 
Division of the National Federation of the Blind held a 
teleconference meeting.  One of the tasks of This meeting was to 
organize committees to work on specific issues on which the Board of 
the Division has voted  .  The newly formed Education & Development 
Committee will be focusing on the processes of training and 
development for  students and early career professionals.

This committee will be co-chaired by Human Service Division Board 
Vice President Mary Ann Robinson and division member Mary Tatum Chappell.

Mary Ann Robinson is a Licensed  Clinical Social Worker. She received 
a Masters degree in social work in 1983 and ACSW in 1986.  She became 
a certified addictions counselor in 2007. She has  supervised 
volunteers, graduate social work students, and social workers 
preparing to take the ACSW exam and for licensure.   She is a 
proponent of  thorough training, supervision, mentoring, and young 
career professionals, and believes every developing professional 
should have   an opportunity to experience a broad array of 
situations and clients.

Mary Tatum Chappell is a psychologist and the Program Coordinator of 
Psychotherapeutic Services, Behavioral Health Division at a private 
training hospital. She is a  firm  believer in the necessity of 
thorough training, supervision and experience in all of the 
disciplines. She asserts, "We are a microcosm of the population . We 
must be prepared to work with and within the fullest spectrum of 
experience. There must be  greater presence of capable supervisors, 
mentors and training sites and opportunities to work with the 
broadest array of the public beyond blindness and rehab."

About Mary Ann Robinson:

Prior to graduate school she volunteered at a telephone crisis 
intervention centerand then served as the center's volunteer and then 
program coordinator for some 6 years. Following graduate school Mary 
Ann worked with juvenile offenders and their families for more than 5 
years. In 1990, she was employed at a community mental health agency 
and has  worked in the mental health arena ever since.  She 
has  provided crisis intervention and psychotherapy primarily to 
adults - the majority of whom have had co-occurring mental health and 
substance use issues; and for  the past ten years she has  done 
quality management and corporate compliance work.

About Mary Chappell: Mary was introduced to the mental health arena 
during her undergraduate internship at a suicide crisis intervention 
hotline. There she transitioned from trainee to trainer and 
recognized her interest in acute and critical crisis support and 
resolution. She has worked in college counseling, with juvenile 
offenders in forensic assessment, and is keenly interested in trauma 
response and trauma-focused treatment. She currently works in an 
acute service training hospital with 380 beds. She is based on the 
inpatient Adult Psychiatric unit and provides  psychotherapy, 
diagnostic and assessment services and oversight to patients 
throughout the hospital.
She supervises  a training cohort that includes medical students, 
psychology doctoral candidates, social work interns, art therapy 
interns, and trainees from the broadest array of disciplines who may 
interact with the mental/behavior health component of healing. She 
uses  the group modality as a large component of her therapy and 
consultation intervention. She works directly with  patients and 
families in the care continuum.

Mary is experientially close to the trainees with whom she works as 
she recently completed her doctorate in 2012. That said, she is 
continuing to grow and develop in her profession and her blindness. 
She lost her sight in adulthood and is learning things as she 
grows  through her process of reinventing self.

We invite you to get involved in this important committee and be a 
part of what difference means. If you are interested in being a part 
of this committee below you will find email addresses to contact:

Mary Ann Robinson 
at   <mailto:brightsmile1953 at comcast.net>brightsmile1953 at comcast.net

Mary Tatum Chappell at <mailto:mtc5 at cox.net>mtc5 at cox.net

We are proposing a teleconference on Sunday, September 20 at 8:00pm EST.
Stay tuned to learn more information about our first Education& 
Development Committee meeting call-in specifics.

Looking forward to your participation and involvement!

Mary Ann Robinson, and

Mary Tatum Chappell, Psy. D.

<mailto:humanser at nfbnet.org>humanser at nfbnet.org


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