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From: "Kevan Worley" <kevanworley at worleyenterprises.com>


Some of you may be interested in reading the text of my 75 Days of 
Action challenge video being distributed through Facebook, on 
YouTube, and through other email blasts and social media.

Here are my challenges. Read carefully to find yours. The National 
Federation of the Blind 75 Days of Action campaign is underway in a 
big way. 75 in 75 must be more than a slogan or intention. Building 
75 new chapters or divisions from the ground up and focusing on 75 
chapters or divisions which already exists to strengthen can serve as 
a personal challenge for each of us between now and November 16.

What will you do starting today? Challenge us. Challenge us with your 
ideas and actions. Send them to 
<mailto:75days at nfb.org>75days at nfb.org. We will celebrate you. We will 
share your energy, imagination, and success with others.

Make a short iPhone challenge video. Post your video on Facebook. 
Challenge a colleague to take an action which builds chapters during 
this campaign.

I am, today, challenging the following individuals: I challenge my 
son, Nijat Worley, to seek out and call at least four blind college 
students in Omaha, Nebraska. Introduce yourself. Introduce them to 
the Federation. Invite them to the Omaha chapter building event on 
Thursday evening, October 9.

I am challenging my friends in Northern California; President 
Willows, Lisamaria, Darian, Tim, Shannon, Jim, Bryan, and the entire 
team. Please keep up your follow-up effort. Call everyone who 
attended the Discover You event. Reintroduce yourself and the 
Federation and let's build those Bay area chapters during this campaign.

I am throwing down a challenge to our New York leadership, Carl 
Jacobsen, Mindy, and the Board to build a new chapter to be 
officially chartered when I am at your state convention in early November.

And finally, I challenge everyone observing this little video clip or 
reading this post to like our Facebook page, 'Build the National 
Federation of the Blind in 75 Days.'  Get family and friends to 
follow us today! Tweet our hashtag, #nfb75in75.

These are my challenges to you. Do you have one for me? I will try my 
Federation best to be up to your challenge. Let's go build the 
National Federation of the Blind, to live the life you want.

From: "Kevan Worley" <kevanworley at worleyenterprises.com>

At Your Service,

cid:image001.png at 01CDBC37.7997B120

2010LogoFinal (2)

Office: 1-866-543-6808

Cell: (303)929-2369

Fax: (719)527-0129


Wondering what to do with your old car or truck? Donating your 
vehicle to the National Federation of the Blind is convenient and may 
qualify you for a tax deduction. Call 1-855-659-9314 or visit 
Your donation can take the blind further

Challenge video script.doc
Challenge video script.doc
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