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Lisa Hall, President
National Association of Blind Office Professionals (NABOP)


Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well in 2014.  I have a 
few things to inform you so be sure to read this 
email all the way through so that you don’t miss anything.

First of all the agenda for the 2014 NFB 
Convention is on the web and is ready in both 
accessible pdf and Microsoft Word format. If 
anyone is having trouble with any of these 
formats, let me know. I have taken the time to 
have the files saved in multiple formats such as txt and html formats.

Next, Mary Donahue, Vice President of our 
division, inform me a couple of months ago that 
she will not be at this year’s NFB convention 
because of several issues being dealt with at 
this time. She chose not to run for the position 
for the next 2 years. That means I will be 
looking for someone to run the position as vice 
president for the organization. In case I can’t 
make future meetings because of health reasons, 
the vice president will fill my slot if needed.

Next, anyone wishing to pay yearly dues, it is 
$5.00 per year.  Debbie Brown is our treasurer 
and will be responsible for taking and keeping track of who pays.

This year we have scheduled 2 meetings at this NFB convention.

July 1, 2014
Salon 15, level 2
Registration: 6:30. Learn about assistive 
technology in the workplace, training 
opportunities, and any job announcements available. Lisa Hall, President

July 5, 2014
7:00- 9:00 pm­BRAILLE PROOFREADING SEMINAR Salon 18, level 2
If you are a parent of a blind child, teacher of 
blind/visually impaired children, a 
rehabilitation teacher, or interested in learning 
what’s happening in the Braille field, join us to 
get hands-on experience. Presented by the 
National Association of Blind Office 
Professionals Division; Lisa Hall, President

I am working on agendas for both events at this time.

If you can attend the meetings, please come. Let 
everyone you know to come and learn what is going 
on in the office field. We also have some 
exciting things happening in the Braille field as well.

I hope that the agenda that I’m putting together 
will be beneficial and helpful. If you have any 
ideas and know of a contact person for that 
topic, let me know as soon as possible.

I have one last thing. This year is an election 
year. All officers are up for election. It is my 
hope that Debbie Brown and Kevin Ledford are 
ready to give their minutes and treasurer’s 
report. Please send your minutes and reports to me as soon as you can.

If anyone have any issues to be addressed, write 
to me at 
<mailto:lhall007 at cinci.rr.com>lhall007 at cinci.rr.com 
or call me at home at (513) 931-7070 or cell phone at (513) 550-5155.

During convention week, contact me on my cell 
phone since I may not have access to email on the road.
If you prefer, you can send text message by using 
my cell phone number. I have a couple of Braille 
displays and will have them at convention. I now 
own an iPhone 5 and an iPad Mini. Both of these 
devices can be used with my Focus 40 and 14 Braille displays.
If you never had an opportunity to get hands-on 
experience in learning to navigate and use it, 
let me know and I can set up a time for 
individualize training if needed. I will also 
have my wireless Apple keyboard, external 
speaker, and a couple of headphones for anyone to try it.

See everyone in Orlando, Florida.


Lisa Hall, President
National Association of Blind Office Professionals (NABOP)
<mailto:lhall007 at cinci.rr.com>lhall007 at cinci.rr.com

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