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National Federation of the Blind
Deaf-Blind Division


Support Service Provider
Training Workshop

WHEN:  Thursday, July 3, 2014
TIME: 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM
WHERE:  National Federation of the Blind National 
The Rosen Center Hotel
International Drive
Orlando, FL 

Presenters: Malia Johnson, Alice Eaddy & Katherine Gabry
Mentors:  Various members of the Deaf-Blind Community

• What is a Deaf-Blind Interpreter
• What is a Support Service Provider
• What is the difference between an interpreter and a SSP
• SSP’s and Deaf-Blind Interpreters in the Medical Setting
• Why it is important to have SSP’s and Deaf-Blind interpreters
• The ADA on Interpreting, Getting SSP’s covered under the ADA
• Q & A
About our Presenters:
Malia Johnson  is C.E.O. of Deaf Talk LLC. She is 
also the author of “ASL in the Medical Setting” 
and “Never Broken”.  She has worked with 
Deaf-Blind consumers both as an SSP and as a 
Deaf-Blind interpreter for several years.  Malia 
has coordinated interpreters for the National 
Federation of the Blind for three years.  She has 
also coordinated many Interpreter workshops and 
Interpreter Retreats for Interpreters in Florida.
Alice Eaddy has worked in both New York State and 
in New Jersey and always has been championing the 
needs of the disabled either by example or 
through direct leadership roles whether it be as 
a camp counselor planning recreational activities 
that would foster the attainment of social and 
outdoor skills, teacher, a speaker for the 
Cumberland County Community College about the 
capabilities of the deaf-blind as viable people 
first not totally defined by their limitations, 
or as community resource for information about 
how to access any number of community services or 
helping to advertise an up and coming RIL through 
my association with the Cumberland County Office 
on Aging & Disabled and free media sources.
Thruoureyes (WTOE) is an internet radio show. You 
may dial 1-347-215-7037 to listen to the show via 
phone, as well as through www.thruoureyes.org hosted by Mr. Joe Ruffalo.
Katherine Gabry has been involved in 
deafblindness since 1989, when her son was born 
both deaf and blind. Since then, she has 
demonstrated a personal and professional 
commitment through volunteer service to 
organizations that serve individuals who live 
with deafblindness, deafness and blindness. She 
is one of the founding parents of Parents of 
Blind Children-NJ and has served as Secretary on 
the POBC-NJ Board for over 20 years. She is also 
the editor of The Sounding Board, the magazine of 
the NFB of NJ. She is currently director of SSPNJ 
and iCanConnect/NJ; both of which are 
administered through the Center for Sensory & 
Complex Disabilities at The College of New 
Jersey. Before coming on board at the college, 
Mrs. Gabry was a freelance writer and editor for 
various profit and not-for-profit organizations 
in the New York metropolitan area, as well as a 
former assistant vice president and sales manager 
at a NJ-based savings bank. Mrs. Gabry holds 
degrees from Pennsylvania State University and 
the American Institute of Banking, and continues 
to publish and present on disability issues.

National Federation of the Blind  Deaf-Blind 
Division: <http://www.nfbdeaf-blind.org>www.nfbdeaf-blind.org
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