[Nfbnet-members-list] Communications Instructor Opening At BLIND INC.

Helen Stevens helen.mae.stevens at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 00:55:31 UTC 2014

BLIND INC. is looking for talented, dedicated individuals to expand our communications department. Please find the job description pasted below and attached to this email. Resumes will be considered as they are received. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Helen Stevens
Communications Instructor/Technology Coordinator
hstevens at blindinc.org

Blindness: Learning In New Dimensions (BLIND), Incorporated
100 East 22nd Street
Minneapolis, MN  55404

Job Description

For over 25 years, Blindness: Learning In New Dimensions (BLIND, Inc.) has provided small group instruction in the alternative techniques of blindness. Our programs are based on a positive attitude toward blindness and a belief in the normality and competency of blind people. We know that with proper training and opportunity, blind people can live full, happy, and successful lives. 
We are looking for someone who is passionate about teaching, excited by new challenges, and interested in working as part of a small but energetic team. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

1. Provide individualized instruction to blind  adults in all areas of Braille including but not limited to:
* Memorization of the braille code 
*  Braille reading  
*  Writing braille with  a slate and stylus
* Writing braille on a braille writer
* Reading and writing braille on electronic devices including notetakers and braille displays

2. Provide individualized instruction to blind  adults in all areas of assistive technology including but not limited to:
* Windows operating systems
* JAWS for Windows and other screen readers
* Microsoft Office applications
* The internet
* Braille displays
* Smart phones

3. Provide instruction to several adult students in a small group format.  

4. Use the curriculum to develop individualized lesson plans and update the curriculum as needed.
5. Write comprehensive monthly reports on each student describing progress made and goals to be completed.

6. Participate and assist in all center activities such as rock climbing, skiing, and camping, including on some evenings and weekends

7. Function as part of a team, maintaining close communication with the  director and other instructors, and actively participate in staff and other meetings. 

8. Promote the organization's progressive philosophy of blindness and positive attitudes to students, co-workers and others, and provide support and guidance to students throughout their program. Actively represent BLIND, Inc. in public meetings and presentations.

9. Actively promote the philosophy of the National Federation of the Blind both during and outside of class. 

10. Other duties as assigned

Requirements  - Communications Instructor

1. Expertise in the areas of Braille and assistive technology, especially with Windows screen reader software.

2. Able to pass the NCLB test and the technology tests administered by State Services for the Blind of Minnesota within 6 months of employment.

3. Willingness to undergo and successfully complete a period of paid staff training in order to learn alternative skills of blindness. 

4. Must have a college degree or comparable work experience. 

5. Ability to plan, organize and develop lessons.

6. Must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills and must be able to work effectively as part of a team

7. Must demonstrate the ability to work with a variety of people in a variety of situations.

8. Must possess the organizational skills required to work with multiple students on multiple projects.

9. Must be able to learn new products and updates as they become available.

10. Must be committed to the independence and full community integration of blind people.

Send your cover letter and resume to Dick Davis at ddavis at blindinc.org

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