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Hello All,

I have consulted with Mr. Schreiber, and he tells me that his book is in the
process of being recorded by a human reader. The audio version of the book
might be available at the NFB convention, but he doesn't know for sure. If
you are attending the convention, your best bet is to find Mr. Schreiber in
the New Mexico delegation during the general sessions, or come to his
Beatles presentation on Friday night, to ask if he has the audio books with
him. I will send an update to the list as soon as I am given further
information about how to obtain the audio version of the book via other
means such as ordering it online.

Kindest regards,

Tonia Trapp

Secretary, NFB of NM



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Is there an audio version or downloadable etext version available?


I met this guy about twenty years ago when I was still in NFB.

Boy! He must be pushing 100 by now...


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I received the following announcement and was asked to post it to the list:




Are you coming to the NFB convention in Orlando? If so, come by the New
Mexico delegation and meet Art Schreiber and obtain a copy of his
fascinating new book, "Out of Sight: Blind and Doing All Right." The book
tells the story of the life of Schreiber after he lost his vision. Schreiber
was a veteran radio broadcaster who covered the Presidential campaign of
John F. Kennedy and who was imbedded with the Beatles on their first tour of
America in 1964. The book is a fascinating account of the life of Schreiber
after he became blind, and how the National Federation of the Blind helped
him achieve success as a blind person.


This is your opportunity to obtain a signed copy of the book, which
Schreiber will be selling at a special convention rate of only $11.00. If
you cannot come to the convention, you can obtain a copy of the book through
Amazon. Here is how the book  is described on Amazon:


Out of Sight: Blind and Doing All Right


by; Arthur a. Schreiber, Hal Simmons 


A high level radio news broadcast executive, Art Schreiber suddenly lost his

At the top of his career as a radio station general manager, Art awoke one

at a resort near Santa Fe, New Mexico, unable to see. His world was in
complete darkness.

After facing total despair, Art plotted his return to the top while learning
to live

life in a new way in a new world. Art's refusal to fold his tent when his

failed and his struggle to live life to the fullest will inspire any person
who reads

his story. Art's greatest reward in life is encouraging and motivating
others who

face similar challenges.




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