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jonathan franks franks.jonathan13 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 15:07:03 UTC 2014

The NFB of Texas Austin Chapter in partnership with the Texas
Association of Blind students are selling T-Shirts at Convention!!The
proceeds go towards supporting our Youth Programs.

Please read the following information below to see how you can get one
or more of our awesome T-shirts!

Who?: The NFB of Texas Austin Chapter & the Texas 
Association of Blind Students!

What: Who Reads Braille? Smart Owl NFB Tactile Braille Graphic T!

When?: The NFB Convention 2014 in Orlando, FL

Where?: The Texas Affiliate during general sessions; NABS
Seminar/other youth program agenda gatherings; Salsa Night; The Cash &
Caring Committee meeting; LCB Luncheon; TABS President Gabe Cazares’s
phone: 281-965-9583; Austin Chapter Board Member & 2014 Scholarship
Winner Jonathan Franks's phone: 512-569-2522; & online at:

Price: $15.00
***additional T-Shirt purchased will be $10
This t-shirt is unique to our NFB BELL Program 2014. All proceeds from
t-shirt sales go directly to support future generations of students
who wish to attend our Youth Programs in years to come. BELL
emphasizes the importance of Braille through a fun, creative and
comprehensive curriculum that includes Braille and other essential
blindness skills as well as the arts, science, recreation, and most
importantly federation-driven mentoring.
Customers please be aware this Smart Owl version of the t-shirt will
be replaced by a new braille-reading animal for 2015, so get your
Smart shirt today!
Most youth and adult sizes are available 3x Large to Youth Small.

Description of our shirt:
This shirt is an attractive color of blue. The image upon the shirt is
a smart-looking owl atop a book entitled "NFB" and is in tactile
Braille. The owl is an NFB original image. This bird looks smart,
handsome, pretty, cute, and most awesomely cool! The Smart Braille
Reading Owl enthusiastically asks in the hoo language, our sighted
piers in-print, "Who reads braille?" He anounces proudly that the NFB
does by exclaiming, "We do!" NfB is in tactile braille.
***Cash gets it to you faster as per the usual convention transaction,
although you can:
Purchase your shirt online now!

***Your purchase must be verified prior to us releasing your literacy
statement, and so if you use the plastic, let us know, we'll give it a
looksee, and then hand over the merch

Who reads braille? Wy of course, We Do!!!

Jonathan Franks
Austin Chapter Board Member
National Federation of the Blind of Texas
jonathan franks <franks.jonathan13 at gmail.com>

Board Member - Social Media Manager / Volunteer Coordinator
Hook the Cure  - The University of Texas at Austin

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