[Nfbnet-members-list] NFB Senior Division Conference Call - Cooking by Touch - June 4th

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The following is from Ruth Sager, president of the NFB Senior division.


June 4, 2014 at usual times

3:00 Eastern time,

2:00 Central time,

1:00 Mountain time,

12:00 Pacific time

Conference number:


Access code:

759633 then pound.

Jen Wenzel will facilitate this discussion:  Cooking By 
Touch.  Please join her and find a newly blind senior or one who 
enjoys cooking and is looking for tips and strategies to join this 
call and take advantage of a great opportunity to network with fellow 

A note on procedure for the calls.  In order to maintain good, clear, 
communication when entering the call you will be asked to state your 
name.  Please note that the call may be in progress so you will not 
be recognized at this time.

To keep background noise from cluttering the calls it is advisable to 
press star 6 which puts you in a "mute" mode.  You can hear 
everything but your clock chiming or the dishwasher running will not 
interfere with the call with unnecessary background noise.  When you 
wish to speak, again press star 6 and you will be able to enter the 
conversation.  We are asking you to please state your name and wait 
to be recognized by the moderator before making your comments or 
asking your questions.

We are delighted that you are interested in participating in this 
conversation and your input is valued however, these courtesies can 
make a pleasant experience for everyone when followed properly.

We look forward to a stimulating, hour of questions and answers and 
sharing tips and learning from one another.

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