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December Monitor

Did you know that the President of the National Federation of the 
Blind had a small business selling sports cards as a high school 
senior?  The article "Mark Riccobono: Educator, Leader, and 
Visionary" has interesting information on the background of our new 
president. Read the December Braille Monitor to learn about President 
Riccobono and more.

To help blind people live the lives we want, the NFB constantly seeks 
to create opportunities.  Much of the December Monitor is devoted to 
our efforts to promote equal education for the blind.  In the article 
"A New Era in Mobile Reading Begins: Introducing the KNFB Reader for 
iOS," Jim Gashel describes the marvels of the KNFB Reader 
Mobile.  His short history of the evolution of the reading machine 
and our work with Ray Kurzweil illustrate our progress.

It is most appropriate that the December Monitor contain articles 
about both Braille and tactile fluency.  Read "Ode to the Code: How 
One Student Came to Love Braille," by Kaitlin Shelton and "The 
Tactile Fluency Revolution: Year Two," by Al Maneki to gain a deeper 
understanding of why these tools are crucial for today's blind students.

We will not stand idly by watching technological barriers eliminate 
our opportunities for education.  The articles "A New Obstacle for 
Students with Disabilities," by Kyle Shachmut and "Should TEACH Act 
Language Appear in the Higher Education Act? NCDAE AND WebAIM Weigh 
In," by Cyndi Rowland put both the higher education community and the 
U. S. Congress on notice that the passage of the TEACH (Technology, 
Education, and Accessibility in College and Higher Education) ACT 
should be their priority in 2015.

Will social security recipients get more money in 2015?  Stay 
educated and informed.  Read the Braille Monitor.

Sharon Maneki

         David Andrews and long white cane Harry.
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