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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Aug 14 18:37:58 UTC 2014

>The following announcement comes from Rob Nevin
><rob at u-r-able.com>
>FREE copy of BlindSquare GPS for Orientation and Mobility Specialists
>Attention All Orientation and Mobility Specialists,
>I have exciting news to announce about BlindSquare, the popular 
>accessible GPS-app developed for the blind and visually 
>impaired.  BlindSquare GPS, an iOS application reasonably priced at 
>$29.99, is now available to Orientation and Mobility 
>Specialists/Instructors for FREE.
>Wouldn't it be Awesome to have a GPS application tell you how the 
>intersection you are stand at works? In this initiative, WE as 
>Orientation and Mobility Specialists, now have the opportunity to 
>utilize our skills of intersection analysis and share that 
>information with the entire BlindSquare User Network.  Imagine, 
>traveling to a new city and having this information available in advance!
>But more!  BlindSquare is Much More than Just your Normal VoiceOver 
>Accessible GPS App for the iPhone
>BlindSquare describes the environment, announces points of interest 
>and street intersections as you travel. In conjunction with free, 
>third-party navigation apps it is a powerful solution providing most 
>of the information blind and visually impaired need to travel independently.
>BlindSquare gives real time, valuable information to Visually 
>Impaired and Blind Users while traveling independently. BlindSquare 
>can be utilized as an instructional tool to teach cardinal 
>directions, time/distance, cognitive mapping skills, residential, 
>small business, and business districts, as well as assist users in 
>planning, saving, and implementing a travel route. BlindSquare will 
>tell you your currently location thus eliminating the need to change 
>apps and ask Siri "Where am I". BlindSquare will also allow you to 
>orientate yourself to your current location utilizing its Look 
>Around feature. Simply point your phone in any directions and listen 
>as BlindSquare tells you cardinal directions (north, south, east, 
>west), the next street over, as well as how far away the targeted 
>street is (feet). If you are not good at cardinal directions change 
>the settings to utilize information your students maybe more 
>familiar with. BlindSquare will allow the user to change the Style 
>of Directions given by allow the user to choose between cardinal 
>directions, Proportional, Degree, and clock face directions. You are 
>also able to change the Distance Unit Spoken to feet, meters, or 
>yards. While traveling a given route to your destination, 
>BlindSquare will assists the Visually Impaired or Blind Traveler by 
>continuously spatially updating the traveler by announcing your 
>current location as well as alert you to the next upcoming street 
>and your distance from it. This information can also be controlled 
>in the settings to change the distance in which the announcement 
>takes place from long, medium, or shorter distances from the 
>intersections. This is a great instructional tool as your student 
>becomes more of an independent traveler the amount of prompting 
>about the next upcoming street can easily be reduced. While 
>traveling a route, setup non-visual landmarks by marking your 
>position or saving places (i.e. McDonalds is a landmark for everyone 
>and "Sighties"  utilize visual cues to give directions SO can you). 
>Get personal and create or track your own routes to be saved.
>BlindSquare also uses information from other iOS applications like 
>FourSquare.  Imagine when planning a route that includes a 
>restaurant as the destination unlocking crowd-sourced information 
>and be able to review both patron ratings and the menu in advance!
>With Aftershokz headsets, fully control the BlindSquare app by touch 
>while your iOS device is in your pocket or backpack.  Turn by turn 
>directions while retaining street sounds thanks to the Aftershokz 
>bone conduction headset.   Buy Aftershokz, for a limited time, for 
>10% off and free shipping using our discount code 
>"yourtsvi".  www.aftershokz.com
>Come and collaborate, share data of intersections you have analyzed, 
>and participate or help build my new BlindSquare classroom at 
>To get your Free copy of BlindSquare and participate in this new 
>exciting collaborative team contact:
>Andrea Bodnari
>Assistive Technology Specialist, M.S., TVI, OM, LVR
>yourtsvi at gmail.com
>(717) 278-1795
>Special Thanks to These Contributing Sponsors!!!!

         David Andrews and long white cane Harry.
E-Mail:  dandrews at visi.com or david.andrews at nfbnet.org

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