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>Can you pass this along?
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>Subject: Documentary Series is Looking for Blind Expectant Mothers (NOT SPAM)
>Hi There,
>I am a casting director working for a TV Company called Cineflix 
>and I am working on a new TV Series about different types of 
>pregnancies. I am currently researching the project and looking for 
>Moms to be to talk too.
>I saw your website and just wanted to reach out to see if you might 
>be able to put me in touch with any women who are pregnant and 
>living with a disability; such as, blindness.  I would imagine that 
>sense wise; the pregnancy of a blind woman would be a completely 
>different feel, when compared to a woman who has all of her senses.
>The series would involve us following a variety of pregnancies, from 
>early pregnancy, through to labor. As an expectant mother myself, I 
>think it could be a great and informative series as I am learning 
>right now how different each pregnancy experience can be! .  The 
>series will go on this life-altering journey with the women, through 
>the ups and downs.  We will be using the series to educate the 
>masses and perhaps inspire others.
>Please feel free to pass this note on to your association/group 
>members and have them contact me directly at 
><mailto:SWesleyCasting at gmail.com>SWesleyCasting at gmail.com, if they 
>are interested.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.
>Kind Regards,
>Serita Wesley
>Serita Wesley
>Casting for Television & Film
>Celebrity/Talent Booking
><mailto:SWesleyCasting at Gmail.com>SWesleyCasting at Gmail.com
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