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Bid Opportunity for Marketing and Outreach Services in the State of Georgia

November 1, 2013

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) is 
currently seeking a Request for Proposal (RFP) 
for NFB-NEWSLINE marketing and outreach services 
in the state of Georgia to cover twelve months 
(one year). Organizations or individuals that 
wish to submit a response to this RFP should read 
this document thoroughly and carefully follow the 
enclosed instructions when preparing a response. 
The term "candidate" in this document will refer 
to an organization or individual respondent. 
Interested candidates that reside either in or 
outside of Georgia are encouraged to respond to this request for proposal.

All responses must be sent  via email to Scott 
White, director of the NFB-NEWSLINE service, to 
be received no later than Friday, November 15, 
2013, at 5:00 PM Eastern time. Questions 
pertaining to this RFP should be directed to 
Scott White via e-mail at 
<mailto:swhite at nfb.org>swhite at nfb.org or by 
calling (410) 659-9314, extension 2231. It is 
hoped that the award of this one-year contract 
can be completed by December 1, 2013. This 
solicitation for a request for proposal is not to 
be considered a contract for services, nor is it 
to be considered a guarantee that a contract will 
be awarded for such services.

All submissions must be in an accessible format 
in order to be considered for this opportunity. 
Please reference the following sections for other 
RFP submission requirements, statement of work, 
and evaluation of RFP responses, etc.

Statement of Work
The successful candidate will promote the 
NFB-NEWSLINE service in Georgia by increasing the 
number of subscribers to the service, while 
simultaneously engaging the existing Georgia 
subscribers on a routine basis to alert them to 
new publications and features added to NFB-NEWSLINE.

The criteria outlined below must be met or 
exceeded by the successful candidate.

1.     The successful candidate will submit a 
report to the NFB by the fifth of each month 
detailing the following for the previous month: 
marketing / outreach activities, any subscriber 
complaints and their resolution, comments from 
subscribers, and service usage statistics. The 
required statistics for this monthly report will 
be provided to the successful candidate via a 
secure website. Please note, additional sections 
may be added to the report over time that will 
enhance the reporting process. This reporting 
will also include the preparation of an annual 
report comprised of a summary of the past twelve month’s activities.

2.     The successful candidate must sign up, on 
average, at least twenty new subscribers during each month.

3.     The successful candidate shall make at 
least eight presentations per month around the 
state about the NFB-NEWSLINE service. 
Presentations are to be conducted in person, face 
to face, except in remote areas of Georgia when 
the use of conference calls will be acceptable. 
Persons attending a presentation on NFB-NEWSLINE 
must be given the opportunity to make application 
for the service at the time of the presentation. 
A candidate residing outside of the state of 
Georgia must demonstrate the ability to conduct 
these presentations in an efficient manner.

4.     The successful candidate will manage the 
local, state-specific channel for Georgia. This 
channel must be kept up-to-date with relevant 
timely information. Any content that is contained 
on the local channel must be promptly removed after it has expired.

5.     The successful candidate will maintain 
both the telephone and online greeting messages 
for NFB-NEWSLINE Georgia subscribers. These 
greeting messages should be concise as possible 
and only contain relevant information.

6.     The successful candidate should create and 
maintain a professional business telephone, 
customer-service help desk where subscribers can 
get their questions answered and other interested 
parties can obtain information on NFB-NEWSLINE 
Georgia. The goal of this customer-service help 
desk would be to have all calls answered in 
person. Any messages left on the customer-service 
voice mail must be returned within twenty-four 
hours. The customer-service help desk must be 
accessible to Georgia subscribers via a toll-free 
and local Atlanta telephone number.

7.     The successful candidate will also create 
a website presence for NFB-NEWSLINE Georgia 
including an email address where persons can make 
contact and get their questions answered. This 
website will contain specific NFB-NEWSLINE 
Georgia information and also be linked to the national website.

8.     The successful candidate will contact all 
new subscribers approximately one week after they 
received their introductory welcome letter to 
ascertain if they need any assistance with using 
the service and to make them aware of other NFB-NEWSLINE access methods.

9.     The successful candidate will contact all 
subscribers listed on the previous month’s Low 
Average Call Users report on 
to ascertain if they need any assistance with 
using the service and to make them aware of other 
NFB-NEWSLINE access methods. A list of low 
average callers will be provided to the 
successful candidate via a secure website.

10. The successful candidate will attempt to make 
contact with every NFB-NEWSLINE subscriber in 
Georgia either by regular mail, e-mail, or 
telephone on an annual basis in order to keep 
them informed of NFB-NEWSLINE® feature or publication additions.

11. The successful candidate will send out an 
email newsletter to all NFB-NEWSLINE® Georgia 
subscribers once a quarter. This communication 
will be designed to engage existing subscribers 
by informing them of new service developments and 
other useful hints for users. The NFB will 
distribute this email newsletter to Georgia 
subscribers, it will be the responsibility of the 
successful candidate to create the newsletter and 
deliver it to Director Scott White of NFB-NEWSLINE in a timely manner.

12.  The successful candidate will attend in 
person quarterly NFB-NEWSLINE Georgia advisory 
meetings to be held usually in Atlanta, Georgia.

Submission Requirements for Candidates

·        As the candidate, you will provide a 
cover letter stating why you feel that you are 
the best qualified for this opportunity and how 
you believe that you can have a positive impact 
on the NFB-NEWSLINE® Georgia service.

·        The candidate will provide a plan 
outlining the steps to be taken to accomplish the 
numbered items listed above in the Statement of Work.

·        The candidate will provide a marketing 
plan for a period of one year, providing as much 
detail as possible. Specifics, not generalities, 
on any stakeholders contained in the marketing plan should be included.

·        The candidate will provide a statement 
affirming each one of the numbered items listed above in the Statement of Work.

·        If the candidate resides outside the 
state of Georgia, a section must detail how the 
requirement of conducting the face to face 
presentations will be accomplished. For 
consideration in the RFP process, this section must be included if it applies.

·        Please include a resume of key personnel 
or any other supporting documentation that you 
feel makes you or your organization best suited for this opportunity.

Evaluation of RFP Responses

After evaluating all written responses, a 
selection of candidates will be contacted by the 
Director of NFB-NEWSLINE for one or more personal 
interviews. During this interview, the candidate 
will be asked questions pertaining to the 
implementation of their proposed bid and 
evaluated on their knowledge of the NFB-NEWSLINE service.

Contact Information:
Scott White, NFB office, Baltimore, Maryland
Email: <mailto:swhite at nfb.org>swhite at nfb.org .
Office:  (410) 659-9314, extension 2231.

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