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Fri May 31 00:26:35 UTC 2013

Subject line:  Stella Wins!  Stella Wins!

Almost two months ago, I asked people to view a 
video/short film made by Stella Kyriakopoulos, a 
graduate film major at NYU.  Her short film, "Bob 
Goes to the Parthenon," was based on a story I 
wrote for the Braille Monitor back in 2005 
entitled, "Another Wonder."  That story 
described how I'd asked for permission, and was 
given it, to actually walk within the Parthenon, 
the ancient temple on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

Stella made her video as a project for her 
graduate work, and also to enter into the Greek 
America Foundation Short Film Contest.  I asked 
for people to view the video online, and to vote 
"like" on it, those votes to help decide the winner of the contest.

And I'm very happy to announce that Stella's 
short film won first place in the contest!  That 
was announced at the Foundation's film festival 
in Toronto, Canada, on May 12.  Your votes 
helped, but also the verdict included input from 
film critics at the festival.  Obviously, 
Stella's video was a superior product, that she's 
the real winner in all this, and her recognition 
should help her in her future career of film production.

Thanks for all your support and for your 
votes.  And thanks to Rick Boggs, President, West 
Coast Vanguard Chapter, NFB of California, 
there's now an audio-described version of the 
video.  That can be viewed using the password "mistiko" at:


And if you're interested in the original story 
from the Braille Monitor, it can be viewed at:


Thanks again to everyone,

Robert Gardner

NFB of Illinois
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