[Nfbnet-members-list] 2013 NFB Convention Exhibitors List

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Mon Jun 24 00:26:33 UTC 2013

Listed alphabetically below are the companies and 
organizations                  participating as 
exhibitors at the 2013 National Federation of the 
Blind Convention.  For each exhibitor we have 
listed the company or organization name, table 
number, product and/or service exhibited, address, and telephone number.

A T Guys
Location: D3
Product or Service: A leader in affordable 
assistive technology. Your home for iPhone 
accessories, our affordable Quantum bar code 
scanner, video magnifiers, the iBill money 
identifier, executive cases, and more.
321 S Kalamazoo Mall Suite 211
Kalamazoo, MI  49007
Phone: 269-216-4798
Web Site: <http://www.atguys.com>www.atguys.com

ABiSee, Inc.
Location: C15
Product or Service: Developer and manufacturer of 
electronic text-to-speech and magnifying devices 
for the blind and visually impaired.
20 Main St.
Acton, MA  01720
Phone: 978-635-0202
Web Site: <http://www.abisee.com>www.abisee.com

Location: C20
Product or Service: Digital audio 
labeling.  Accessible prescription drug labeling.
456 SW 191 Street
Seattle, WA 98166
Phone: 360-773-0060
Web Site: www.accessamed.com

Ai Squared
Location: B13
Product or Service: Ai Squared is a worldwide 
leader in screen magnification and reading for 
the visually impaired. Come check out our new 
products: Zoom Text Mac, Zoom ImageReader, 
ZoomText for Windows 8, ZoomReader for iPad/iPod, and much more!
PO Box 669
Manchester Center, VT  05255
Phone: 802-362-3612
Web Site: <http://www.aisquared.com>www.aisquared.com

American Printing House for the Blind
Location: D8,9,10,11
Product or Service: APH is the world's largest 
company devoted solely to making products for 
people who are visually impaired, and is the 
official supplier of educational material for blind students in the U.S.
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY  40206
Phone: 800-223-1839
Web Site: www.aph.org

Location: C31
Product or Service: AuMed intergrates R&D and 
production divisions, as well as sales and 
servicing departments, in a comprehensive 
business model specializing in the production of 
series low vision video magnifiers.
131 Glenn Way Unit 5
San Carlos, CA  94070
Phone: 650-622-9071
Web Site: <http://www.aumedgroup.com>www.aumedgroup.com

Location: B17
Product or Service: Accessible books and 
periodicals for readers with print disabilities.
480 S. California Avenue, Suite 201
Palo Alto, CA 94306
Web Site: <http://www.bookshare.org>www.bookshare.org

Braille and Beyond Consulting
Location: C25
Product or Service: The Petree Program for 
Beginning Braille Readers is an exciting new 
curriculum that teaches Braille reading quickly 
and efficiently.  This consumable program 
includes Braille word lists, stories, worksheets, 
flashcards, stickers, and our Magic Magnet 
Activity. All materials are sight friendly with 
pictures and large print. Fun for families! 
Appropriate for adults who have recently lost vision.
4733 Alta Rica
LaMesa, CA  91941
Phone: 619-316-0393

Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Office of Product Development
Location: B20,21,22
Product or Service: The Bureau of Engraving and 
Printing is the exclusive manufacturing 
organization that produces all U.S. paper 
currency. BEP will exhibit a variety of sample 
coupons that display a series of proposed tactile 
features for possible inclusion into U.S. banknote designs.
14th and C Street SW Room 608-A
Washington, DC  20228
Phone: 202-874-6608
Web Site: <http://www.moneyfactory.gov>www.moneyfactory.gov

C AND P- Chris Park Design
Location: B1
230 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA  92660
Phone: 949-274-8662
Web Site: <http://www.chrisparkdesign.com>www.chrisparkdesign.com

Cambium Learning Technologies
Location: D15
Product or Service: Kurzweil 1000 is 
award-winning software that makes printed or 
electronic text accessible to people who are 
blind or visually impaired. It incorporates 
communication and productivity tools to ease and 
enhance the reading, writing, and learning experience.
24 Prime Parkway 3rd floor
Natick, MA  01760
Phone: 781-276-0629
Web Site: <http://www.cambienlearning.com>www.cambienlearning.com

Christian Record Services for the Blind
Location: C12
Product or Service: Providing free books in 
Braille, audio, and large print, Bibles for the 
blind and National Camps for the Blind.
PO Box 6097
Lincoln, NE  68506
Phone: 402-488-0981
Web Site: www.christianrecord.org

Colorado Center for the Blind
Location: C23
Product or Service: Marketing materials for the Colorado Center for the Blind.
2233 W. Shepperd Ave
Littleton, Colorado  80120
Phone: 303-778-1120
Web Site: 

Deque Systems, Inc.
Location: B37,38
Product or Service: Deque Systems is a web 
accessibility software and services company and 
NFB Accessibility Champion.  Come to our booth 
for a demo of WorldSpace or Amaze, and come by to 
learn how you can get our free Amaze plugin 
running on your personal computer.  The free 
Amaze plugin currently supports Facebook and 
Twitter with more pages to come.  Be sure to stop by!
2121 Cooperative Way
Herndon, VA  20171
Phone: 877-225-3932
Web Site: <http://www.deque.com>www.deque.com

Disability Rights Florida
Location: B25
Product or Service: Self Advocacy/Protection and Advocacy
2728 Centerview Drive Suite 102
Tallahassee, FL  32301
Phone: 850-488-9071
Web Site: www.disabilityrightsflorida.org

Dolphin Computer Access
Location: D17
Product or Service: Dolphin Computer Access 
delivers independence to people with visual 
impairments and dyslexia.  Visit 
<http://www.YourDolphin.com>www.YourDolphin.com to learn more.
231 Clarksville Rd.  Suite 3
Princeton Junction, NJ  08550
Phone: 866-797-5921
Web Site: <http://www.yourdolphin.com>www.yourdolphin.com

Duxbury Systems, Inc.
Location: B24
Product or Service: Leading provider of software 
for Braille since 1975. Come see what's new for 
new BANA formats, UEB, MAC, Remote Education and more.
270 Littleton Road #6
Westford, MA  01886
Phone: 978-692-3000
Web Site: <http://www.duxburysystems.com>www.duxburysystems.com

Location: C18
Product or Service: E.A.S.Y. LLC develops and 
markets freehand sketching technology for the 
blind and visually impaired. The technology 
enables personal production, digitizing, editing, 
reproduction, and electronic sharing of raised-line tactile graphics.
C/O VCET 210 Colchester Avenue
Burlington, VT  05405
Phone: 802-399-5065
Web Site: <http://www.easytactilegraphics.com>www.easytactilegraphics.com

Location: B27
Product or Service: With more than 100 million 
active users globally (as of December 2011), eBay 
is the world's largest online marketplace, where 
practically anyone can buy and sell practically 
anything. To learn more about how to get started 
as an eBay seller and entrepreneur, please visit 
2065 Hamilton Ave
San Jose, CA  95125
Web Site: www.ebay.com

Electronic Brailler LLC
Location: B23
Product or Service: Remote Braille education 
(BERT) and Cosmo the classroom friendly Braille writer and Braille embosser
150 Lucius Gordon Drive
West Henrietta, NY  14586
Phone: 585-413-4401
Web Site: www.ebrailler.com

Enabling Technologies
Location: C11
Product or Service: Braille Embossers
1601 N.E Braille Place
Jensen Beach, FL  34957
Phone: 772-225-3687
Web Site: www.brailler.com/

En-Vision America
Location: B3
Product or Service: Check out all the latest 
features and functions of the i.d. mate Quest 
Talking Bar Code Scanner with Internet 
capabilities. ScripTalk Station Accessible 
Audible Prescription Reader gives you safe, 
private, and independent access to your prescription labels...and it's free!
1845 Hovey Avenue
Normal, IL  61761
Phone: 800-890-1180
Web Site: <http://www.envisionamerica.com>www.envisionamerica.com

Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation
Location: B12
Product or Service: Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation 
trains German shepherd dogs for in-community placement.
103 Vision Way
Bloomfield, CT  06002
Phone: 860-243-5200
Web Site: <http://www.fidelco.com>www.fidelco.com

Forizs & Dogali, P.A. and Eugene Feldman Attorney at Law
Location: A15
Product or Service: Forizs & Dogali, P.A. is a 
Florida-based law firm.  Eugene Feldman Attorney 
at Law APC is a California-based law firm.  Both 
firms handle claims of discrimination against 
disabled persons throughout the country.
4301 Anchor Plaza Parkway Suite 300
Tampa, FL  33634
Phone: 813-289-0700
Web Site: www.forizs-dogali.com or www.californiadisabilitylawfirm.com

Freedom Scientific
Location: A7,8,9,10,11,12,13, 14
Product or Service: Freedom Scientific offers 
unbelievable specials: MAGic® with Speech, 
Keyboard, and SMA for only $199! Focus 14 Blue 
FREE with Focus 80 Blue or HALF PRICE with Focus 
40 Blue. Discounts on RUBY® XL HD, OpenBook® with PEARL®, and much more.
11800 31st Court North, St.
Petersburg, FL  33716
Phone: 800-444-4443
Web Site: <http://www.freedomscientific.com>www.freedomscientific.com

Location: D1,2
Product or Service: Google’s booth will feature 
Chromebooks each manned by a Google engineer 
available for 1:1 demos and help support.
Phone: 650-253-0000
Web Site: www.google.com

Guide Dogs for the Blind
Location: C35
Product or Service: Information about guide dogs
350 Los Ranchitos Road
San Rafael, CA  94903
Phone: 415-492-4199
Web Site: <http://www.guidedogs.com>www.guidedogs.com

GW Micro, Inc.
Location: B10
Product or Service: GW Micro offers innovative 
technology solutions for the blind and visually 
impaired. Our products include Window-Eyes screen 
reading software, Readit Wand, and ReadEasy Move scanning, reading devices.
725 Airport North Office Park
Fort Wayne, IN  46825
Phone: 260-489-3671
Web Site: <http://www.gwmicro.com>www.gwmicro.com

HIMS, Inc.
Location: B4,5,6
Product or Service: HIMS, a global leader in the 
development and manufacturing of assistive 
blindness and low vision technology, will feature 
our BrailleSense notetakers with new v8.0 
Firmware, Braille EDGE 40 Braille display with 7 
basic notetaking functions; CANDY and CANDY GRIPS 
5.0" LCD HD portable handheld magnifiers and 
popular LifeStyle HD desktop video magnifiers.
4616 W. Howard Lane Suite 960
Austin,TX  78728
Phone: 888-520-4467
Web Site: <http://www.hims-inc.com>www.hims-inc.com

Hotel Emporium
Location: C39
Product or Service: Hospitality products
13724 Harvard Place
Gardena, CA  90249
Phone: 310- 329-4141
Web Site: <http://www.htlemporium.com>www.htlemporium.com

Location: B29,30,31,32,33,34
Product or Service: For twenty-five years, 
HumanWare has developed innovative products for 
blind and visually impaired people, including the 
BrailleNote and Brailliant productivity devices 
for the blind; Victor Reader, the world's leading 
digital audiobook players; and the SmartView family of electronic magnifiers.
1 UPS Way P.O. Box 800
Champlain, NY  12919
Phone: 888-723-7273, ext. 301
Web Site: <http://www.humanware.com>www.humanware.com

Independent Living Aids
Location: C29,30
Product or Service: ILA is the oldest 
privately-held mail-order company in the United 
States of products for individuals who are visually impaired or blind.
200 Robbins Lane
Jericho, NY  11753
Phone: 516-450-3829
Web Site: <http://www.independentliving.com>www.independentliving.com

Industries for the Blind Milwaukee
Location: C27
Product or Service: Industries for the 
Blind-Milwaukee is a not-for-profit organization 
that provides blind and visually impaired 
individuals the opportunity to maintain 
independence through meaningful jobs. Please 
contact us to learn about available positions 
ranging from machine operators to managers-in-training.
445 S. Curtis Road
West Allis, WI  53214
Phone: 800-652-8778
Web Site: www.ibmilw.com

International Christian Braille Mission
Location: B9
Product or Service: Distribute Braille Christian literature
5312 MacCorkle Avenue SW, PMB 277
South Charleston, WV 25309 US
Phone: 304-768-8876
Web Site: <http://www.icbminc.com>www.icbminc.com

Location: C33
Product or Service: IRIE-AT is the master 
distributor of Index Braille embossers, Kapten 
Mobility GPS devices, and Alva Braille Displays 
by Optelec. Stop by our booth to receive a personal demonstration
1750 SW 3rd Street Suite C
Corvallis, OR  97333
Phone: 888-308-0059
Web Site: <http://www.irie-at.com>www.irie-at.com

Leader Dogs for the Blind
Location: D13
Product or Service: Leader Dog provides guide dog 
training, accelerated orientation and mobility 
training, a summer youth program, and auditory 
GPS training to increase the ability of the user 
to travel independently in new environments. All 
services are provided free to our clients.
1039 S. Rochester Road
Rochester Hills, MI  48307
Phone: 248-651-9011
Web Site: <http://www.leaderdog.org>www.leaderdog.org

Louisiana Center for the Blind and NFB of Louisiana
Location: D14
Product or Service: Louisiana Center for the 
Blind literature and information, Louisiana 
spices, play CD's, play tickets, and Louisiana souvenirs.
101 South Trenton
Ruston, LA  71270
Phone: 318-251-2891
Web Site: <http://www.lcb-ruston.com>www.lcb-ruston.com

Location: B28
Product or Service: MegaVoice provides the best 
solar-powered digital audio players.  MegaVoice 
makes durable, cost effective, intuitive players 
ideal for teaching, training, and educational and 
humanitarian messages for oral learning in even 
the most remote areas.  Come see our new intuitive key pad.
731 Duval Station Road
Jacksonville, Virginia 32218
Phone: 1-800-219-1778
Web Site: www.megavoice.com

National Association of Blind Merchants
Location: C7
Product or Service: Information, literature, product sales, raffle.
1837 S Nevada Avenue #243
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Phone: 719-527-0488
Web Site: <http://www.blindmerchants.org>www.blindmerchants.org

National Association of Blind Students
Location: C2
Product or Service: Providing information about 
NABS, handing out student resources, and selling raffle tickets.
320 23rd Street S.  Apt. 826
Arlington, VA  22202
Phone: 608-332-4147
Web Site: <http://www.nabslink.org>www.nabslink.org

National Association of Blind Veterans
Location: C26
Product or Service: We will be selling One Nation 
Under God lapel pins , NABV license plates for autos, and 50/50 raffle tickets.
12516 Hammock Pointe Circle
Clermont, Florida  34711
Phone: 321-948-1466
Web Site: <http://www.nabv.org>www.nabv.org

National Association of Guide Dog Users
Location: A20
Product or Service: Fundraising items, division information, registration
3 Papaya Drive
Tampa, Florida  33619
Phone: 813-626-2789
Web Site: <http://www.nagdu.org>www.nagdu.org

National Association to Promote the Use of Braille
Location: D20
Product or Service: Selling Braille stickers and 
providing information about Braille-related resources.
810 22nd Street South
Arlington, VA  22202
Phone: 703-379-1141
Web Site: www.nfbcal.org/napub/napub.htm

National Braille Press
Location: D4,5
Product or Service: Braille and tactile products
88 Saint Stephen Street
Boston, MA  02115
Phone: 617-266-6160
Web Site: <http://www.nbp.org>www.nbp.org

National Federation of the Blind Human Services Division
Location: C21
Product or Service: Chair massage fundraiser
1026 East 36th Street
Baltimore, MD  21218
Phone: 443-803-0266

National Federation of the Blind Minnesota/BLIND Inc.
Location: C28
Product or Service: We are selling Minnesota 
salted nut rolls, Nut Goodies, BLIND Inc. 
t-shirts, and Minnesota Word Scramblers. We also 
have plenty of information about our affiliates 
and our adjustment-to-blindness training center, BLIND Incorporated.
100 East 22nd Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota  55404
Phone: 612-203-2738
Web Site: <http://www.members.tcq.net/nfbmn/>www.members.tcq.net/nfbmn/

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Location: B15
Product or Service: The National Library Services 
for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library 
of Congress, provides free Braille, recorded 
books, magazines, catalogs, bibliographies, music 
scores, and music instruction materials free for 
blind and physically handicapped persons. Digital 
talking-book players and accessories necessary to 
use the players provided without cost.
1291 Taylor Street, NW
Washington, DC  20542
Phone: 202-707-0717
Web Site: <http://www.loc.gov/nls>www.loc.gov/nls

National Organization of Parents of Blind Children
Location: C1
Product or Service: Various merchandise for sale 
including totes, informational books, and snacks.
15707 Knauff Ranch Ct
Cyprus, TX  77429
Phone: 713-825-4513
Web Site: www.blindchildren.org

Location: C5,6
Product or Service: NFB-NEWSLINE® is a FREE 
electronic service that gives blind and visually 
impaired persons access to over 300 newspapers, 
40 magazines, and TV and job listings.
200 E. Wells Street
Baltimore, MD  21230
Phone: 410-659-9314
Web Site: www.nfbnewslineonline.org

NFB Deaf-Blind Division
Location: C41
Product or Service: Deaf-blind division t-shirts.
3924 Southwind Drive
W. Melbourne, FL  32904
Phone: 321-768-9500
Web Site: 

NFB Krafters Division
Location: C8
Product or Service: Hand out regarding division 
display and sales of handmade items.
456 Highland Ave
Stratford, CT  06614
Phone: 203-378-8928
Web Site: <http://www.krafterskorner.org>www.krafterskorner.org

NFB National Association of Blind Automobile Enthusiasts Division
Location: C42
Product or Service: Display of diecast model cars.
3924 Southwind Drive
W. Melbourne, FL  32904
Phone: 321-768-9500

NFB of Alabama
Location: C4
Product or Service: Selling items for fund raiser
552 Edgecrest Drive
Birmingham, AL  35126
Phone: 205-356-5658
Web Site: <http://www.nfbal.org>www.nfbal.org

NFB of Arkansas
Location: A18
Product or Service: Ozark Delight lollipops and NFB bracelets, 50/50 raffle
2360 Wedington Drive
Fayetteville, AR  72701
Phone: 479-841-6081
Web Site: <http://www.nfbar.org/>www.nfbar.org/

NFB of California
Location: C40
Product or Service: Selling a variety of items 
such as shirts with the Whozit logo, candy, and other items.
39481 Gallaudet Drive  Apt. 127
Fremont, CA  94538
Phone: 818-419-5331
Web Site: <http://www.nfbcal.org/>www.nfbcal.org/

NFB of Colorado
Location: C24
Product or Service: Selling snack items.
2233 W Shepperd Avenue
Littleton, Colorado  80120
Phone: 303-504-5979
Web Site: <http://www.nfbco.org>www.nfbco.org

NFB of Connecticut
Location: C16
Product or Service: Biscuits and tactile star and planet books.
477 Connecticut Blvd
East Hartford, CT  06081
Phone: 860-916-0659
Web Site: <http://www.nfbct.org/>www.nfbct.org/

NFB of Florida
Location: B26
Product or Service: Affiliate raffle tickets and t-shirts for sale.
504 South Armenia Avenue  #1319-B
Tampa, FL  33609
Phone: 813-943-5544
Web Site: <http://www.nfbflorida.org>www.nfbflorida.org

NFB of Georgia
Location: B11
Product or Service: Dark blue tote bag with 
drawstring closure,  phrase in white lettering reads "NFB It's in the Bag.”
315 W. Ponce de Leon Ave  Suite 801
Decatur, GA  30030
Phone: 404-371-1000
Web Site: <http://www.nfbga.org>www.nfbga.org

NFB of Indiana
Location: C19
Product or Service: T-shirts, luggage tags, key chains, 50/50 tickets.
6011 WinnPeny Lane
Indianapolis, IN  46220
Phone: 317-205-9226
Web Site: www.nfb-in.org

NFB of Maryland
Location: A16
Product or Service: Instant lottery tickets, snack items, tattoos.
1026 East 36th Street
Baltimore, MD  21218
Phone: 443-803-0266
Web Site: <http://www.nfbmd.org>www.nfbmd.org

NFB of Michigan
Location: D12
Product or Service: Selling totebags, cinnamon almonds, and NFB balloons.
20812 Ann Arbor Trail
Dearborn Heights, MI  48127
Phone: 313-271-3058
Web Site: <http://www.nfbmi.org>www.nfbmi.org

NFB of Mississippi
Location: A17
Product or Service: Selling candy and raffle tickets.
Phone: 601-969-3352
Web Site: www.nfbofmississippi.org

NFB of Missouri
Location: D18
Product or Service: Raffle of iPad mini, 50/50 tickets.
16892 Hero Lane
Dixon, MO  65459
Phone: 573-855-9667
Web Site: <http://www.nfbmo.org>www.nfbmo.org

NFB of Nebraska
Location: B16
Product or Service: Premium Colby Ridge popcorn 
balls and gourmet LaRue coffee made in Nebraska!
2823 N. 99th Street
Omaha, NE  68134
Phone: 402-779-1990
Web Site: <http://www.ne.nfb.org>www.ne.nfb.org

NFB of New Jersey
Location: C38
Product or Service: Whozit ties, Whozit scarves, 
personal health items, and raffle tickets for a cruise.
254 Spruce Street
Bloomfield, NJ  07003
Phone: 973-743-0075
Web Site: <http://www.nfbnj.org>www.nfbnj.org

NFB of New Mexico
Location: C3
Product or Service: Specialty coffee and pistachio nuts.
10315 Propps Drive NE
Albuquerque, NM  87112
Phone: 505-268-3895
Web Site: <http://www.nfbnm.org>www.nfbnm.org

NFB of Ohio
Location: B8
Product or Service: Fundraising items including 
jewelry, tote bags, and other items.
1070 Twp Road
Bellefontaine, OH  43311
Phone: 937-935-6188
Web Site: <http://www.nfbohio.org>www.nfbohio.org

NFB of Oklahoma
Location: C14
Product or Service: NFB embroidered baseball 
caps, NFB Whozit smart phone easels, raffle tickets.
457 N. Blackwelder Ave
Edmond, OK  73070
Phone: 405-600-0695
Web Site: www.nfbok.org

NFB of Oregon
Location: C36
Product or Service: Selling Tillamook cheese, 
Oregon coffee, and more items for fundraising.
2480 High Heaven Road
McMinnville, OR  97128
Phone: 503-434-6153
Web Site: www.nfb-oregon.org

NFB of Pennsylvania
Location: B14
Product or Service: Jewelry
42 S 15th Street  Suite 222
Philadelphia, PA  19102
Phone: 215-208-7582
Web Site: <http://www.nfbp.org>www.nfbp.org

NFB of Tennessee
Location: D16
Product or Service: We are selling t-shirts and 
raffling an iPad Mini.  One of our members will 
be selling custom canes decorated with the logo of your favorite sports team.
4113 Tea Garden Way
Antioch, TN  37013
Phone: 615-681-8484
Web Site: <http://www.nfb.tn.org>www.nfb.tn.org

NFB of Texas
Location: A19
Product or Service: Fundraisers and general information.
314 E. Highland Mall Suite 253
Austin, TX  78752
Phone: 512-323-5444
Web Site: <http://www.nfb-texas.org>www.nfb-texas.org
NFB of Utah
Location: C13
Product or Service: Selling SD memory card.
Phone: 801-380-3138
Web Site: <http://nfbutah.org/>http://nfbutah.org/

NFB of Virginia
Location: C34
Product or Service: Sales of peanuts, raffle tickets and t-shirts
700 Biltmore Drive
Virginia Beach, VA  23454
Phone: 757-472-2495
Web Site: www.nfbv.org

NFB of West Virginia
Location: C32
Product or Service: Selling, for $15.00, cobalt 
blue, hand-blown glass Christmas ornaments made 
by Blenko Glass. On the ornaments there will be a 
Whozit and the letters “NFB” in Braille. Blenko 
Glass Company produces hand-blown sheet glass for 
use in stained glass windows.
220 Buena Vista Avenue
Clarksburg, WV  26301
Phone: 304-841-1111
Web Site: www.nfbwv.org

Optelec IRIE-AT
Location: D6,7
Product or Service: Optelec provides innovative 
and life-changing assistive technology to help 
the blind and visually impaired. Our product 
range includes the latest in electronic video 
magnifiers, text-to-speech/OCR, and daily living aids such as talking watches.
3030 Enterprise Ct Suite C
Vista, CA  92081
Phone: 760-650-5502
Web Site: <http://www.optelec.com>www.optelec.com

Perkins School for the Blind/Perkins Products
Location: C37
Product or Service: Perkins Products provides 
assistive devices and technology training and 
assessment for children and adults who are 
visually impaired. See our exciting new products 
including a technology device which connects the 
dots for children, parents, and teachers. Contact us at 617-972-7308.
175 North Beacon Street
Watertown, MA  02472
Phone: 617-972-7308
Web Site: <http://www.perkinsproducts.com>www.perkinsproducts.com

Piano Technology Group
Location: C22
Product or Service: The piano technology group 
presents piano tuning and repairing as one way to 
gain financial independence. Visit with 
representatives of the School of Piano Technology 
for the Blind. julial at pianotuningschool.org
2510 E. Evergreen Blvd. Vancouver, WA 98664
Phone: 888-693-1511
Web Site: www.pianotuningschool.org

Location: B19
Product or Service: PLEXTALK is a line of digital 
talking-book players and recorders for the 
visually impaired and/or dyslexic. Our products, 
like the Pocket (PTP1), PTN2, and PTR2, are 
recongnized around the world for their performance and quality.
6065 Bristol Pkwy
Culver City, California  90230
Phone: 310-693-7629
Web Site: <http://www.plextalk.com>www.plextalk.com

Project RAY & Odin Mobile
Location: C9
Product or Service: World's first smartphone & 
mobile service specially developed for the blind and visually impaired.
1800-I Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD  20852
Phone: 800-826-0337
Web Site: <http://odinmobile.com/>http://odinmobile.com/

The Hadley School for the Blind
Location: B18
Product or Service: Hadley School Happenings: 
Visit the Hadley booth to hear about the newest 
courses and online seminars on topics from 
Braille music, to self-employment, to presenting 
with PowerPoint, to financial planning. Hadley 
goes mobile­learn more about m-learning with Hadley!
700 Elm Street
Winnetka, IL  60093
Phone: 847-784-2812
Web Site: <http://www.hadley.edu>www.hadley.edu

The National Statler Center for Careers in Hospitality Service
Location: C10
Product or Service: Located in Buffalo, NY, the 
National Statler Center provides vocational 
training and personalized placement support for 
blind, visually impaired, and physically disabled 
adults interested in careers in the growing 
fields of hospitality, contact centers, and customer service.
1170 Main Street
Buffalo, NY  14209
Phone: 716-888-4632
Web Site: 

The Seeing Eye, Inc.
Location: B7
Product or Service: Literature
PO Box 375
Morristown, NJ  07963
Phone: 973-539-4425
Web Site: <http://www.seeingeye.org>www.seeingeye.org

Location: B35,36
Product or Service: Travelocity will be 
demonstrating their new accessible Web site.
3150 Sabre Drive
Southlake, TX  76092
Phone: 682-605-3014
Web Site: www.travelocity.com

Location: A5,6
Product or Service: Shipping services for exhibitors, open Friday only.
The UPS Store, #2217 Suite 50
Orlando, FL  32819
Phone: 407-352-3767
Web Site: <http://www.ups.com>www.ups.com

Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Location: B39,40
Product or Service: Learn more about the link 
between total blindness and sleep patterns that 
are out of sync with the typical 24-hour day. 
Sign up at our booth, visit us online at 
www.non-24.com or call toll free 1-855-856-2424 Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
2200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.  Suite 300-E
Washington, DC  20037
Phone: 855-856-2424
Web Site: <http://www.vandapharma.com>www.vandapharma.com

VitalSource Technologies
Location: B2
Product or Service: Vital Source Technologies, an 
Ingram Content company, delivers the most 
preferred e-textbook platform in higher education 
today. We believe accessibility is a fundamental 
component of our e-textbook solution, delivering 
a wide range of accessible solutions for users.
One Ingram Blvd
La Vergne,TN  37086
Phone: 855-200-4146
Web Site: <http://www.vitalsource.com>www.vitalsource.com

World Services for the Blind
Location: C17
Product or Service: WSB offers life skills and 
career training programs that allow people who 
are blind or visually impaired to achieve sustainable independence.
2811 Fair Park Blvd.
Little Rock, AR  72204
Phone: 501-664-7100
Web Site: www.lwsb.org
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