[Nfbnet-members-list] Help with Accessible Graphs survey

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Jun 6 05:25:55 UTC 2013

I have been asked to distribute the following:

Subject: Help with Accessible Graphs survey

We are with an organization called SimBio that makes simulation-based
software for teaching biology to college students. Our group is
working on a project
funded by the National Science Foundation to make biology labs more
accessible to blind and low-vision students, and we need your help.
The first part
of the project is researching whether an Audible Graph - a graph that
uses sounds rather than lines - can be effective for interpreting data
from simulations.
As we find ways to make such graphs effective, we will publicize the
results so that future educational simulations can use Audible Graphs
to be more accessible.

Our first step is an audible survey asking participants to interpret
different graphs, using different types of sounds. We need several
hundred people
to help us by taking the survey by June 25. We are especially
interested in having blind and low-vision college students take the
survey, but welcome participation
from everyone. If you have 20 minutes, we would greatly appreciate
your taking this anonymous survey using the following link:


And if you are part of any communities of blind and low-vision
students, or have any friends who might be part of those communities,
it would be wonderful
if you could forward this announcement on to others that might be able
to help as well.

Thanks so much, and we are hopeful that this will contribute to
improving accessibility in science education tools.

Eli Meir, Eleanor Steinberg, Geoff Pepos, and the rest of the SimBio
Audible Graph team

Dan Burke
My Cell: 406.546.8546
Twitter: @DallDonal

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