[Nfbnet-members-list] Fwd: Have an iPhone or Android - Join the NFB Washington Seminar Heytell Public Relay #NFBWS13

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Fri Feb 1 13:29:02 UTC 2013

>The NFB of Massachusetts is pleased to once again offer a Heytell
>public relay (audio chat) for our upcoming Washington seminar 2013
>Connect with old and new friends to find out official and unofficial
>information about the Washington seminar experience.  Report on your
>travel experience, work on the hill, a favorite DC spot, or anything
>else people may find of interest.  You may find you are able to post
>information on the go more quickly with the Heytell public relay than
>if you had to type it on a touch screen while running for the metro,
>with your coffee, and your NFB legislative packets.  You'll likely
>meet new and interesting people, and find out useful or fun
>information you may otherwise not receive.  Quite often at Washington
>seminar, there are late breaking developments and events that come up
>well after you arrive in the district and during the week.
>We have operated these relays over the last several conventions,
>Washington seminars, etc. and want more new people to join.  Apple and
>Android devices are in more and more hands in 2013, so join the relay
>and encourage your members to join.
>Also please be aware that the Twitter hashtag for the event is:
>which is the same designation being used for the relay.
>Have an iPhone or Android?  Joining is easy:
>Step 1: If you don't already have it,
>download the free Heytell application using the link above from your
>Apple or Android device, or search for Heytell in the app store or
>play (google market).
>Step 2: If your new to Heytell, follow the on screen instructions to
>set up your profile.  The key to setting up the application is to have
>a contact in your own phone with your contact details.  Said another
>way, you should have a contact for yourself with your own information
>in your own phone.  You may also be able to join Heytell via your
>Facebook account.  If you already are a Heytell user, you can skip
>this initial account setup step.
>Step 3: If you already use Heytell, or you've just completed the above
>steps, then access the following link on your smartphone once you are
>within about 50 miles of the Washington, DC area.
>You may want to bookmark or otherwise save this link so that it is
>easily available to you once you get to the Washington, DC area.  The
>link can be entered on your device using all lowercase letters.  Its
>also easy to remember, so tell your friends to join the NFB public
>relay!  Remember, the standard join process will only work once you
>are in the DC area:
>This information is also posted on the NFB of Massachusetts web site,
>and we will answer any frequently asked questions via the post.  We
>may also add other useful information and services to this landing
>page at:
>Mika Pyyhkala, President
>NFB of Massachusetts
>Twitter: @pyyhkala @NFBMA

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