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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Sun Dec 8 17:39:36 UTC 2013

I have been asked to circulate this.

David Andrews

>Good afternoon Fellow Federationists:
>This is Cheryl Echevarria, I am the President of 
>the NFB Travel & Tourism Division.  If you have 
>been following the Travel & Tourism Division, 
>read the November Braille Monitor, or was at the 
>73rd National Convention in Orlando, FL.  You 
>already know that we have been working very hard 
>with the Disney Company, in reference to the 
>theme parks and resorts (which include Walt 
>Disney World in FL and Disneyland in CA, Disney 
>Cruise Lines, and Adventures by Disney (Disney's 
>Tour Company for places around the world).
>Mark Jones is the man that was at our convention 
>last year, and has been working with Travel & 
>Tourism for almost 2 years now, with issues in 
>reference with guide dogs, accessibility and more!
>We are asking for your help on a few 
>things.  Please send all information back to  me 
>at Cheryl Echevarria at my e-mail cherylandmaxx at hotmail.com
>We need you all to go to the consumer websites:
>For Walt Disney World 
>And for 
>Go through the system, those that use 
>magnification and those that use screenreaders. 
>They need our feedback, they have updated the 
>website, but they want to make sure.
>If you are a travel professional, you have 
>access to the Disneytravelagent.com website if 
>you don't, you have a CLIA or IATA or ARC number 
>register for the website. If you are not a 
>travel professional you cannot use this site.
>We need information on the issues below:
>  Login to disneytravelagents.com– Can access / Cannot access?
>3.       Accessing the Quote or Book eCommerce module, including:
>3a. Packages or Room Only booking engine – Can access / Cannot access?
>3b. Ticket stores – Can access / Cannot access?
>3c. Retrieve reservations– Can access / Cannot access?
>4.       What do you mean exactly by the 
>inability to access “all videos”?  Can you 
>provide specifics (what videos, on what pages, etc.)?
>5.       What eTools can you access / not access?
>5a. Disney Destinations Genius training courses– 
>Can access / Cannot access (all of the courses or specific courses)?
>5b. eBrochures– Can access / Cannot access?
>5c. Online Post Office (emails) – Can access / Cannot access?
>5d. YouTube videos– Can access / Cannot access?
>5e. Collateral Store (order print brochure 
>materials) – Can access / Cannot access?
>5f. Disney Print Connection (order customized 
>print pieces) – Can access / Cannot access?
>5g. Disney Content Connection (develop a Disney 
>Destinations web site) – Can access / Cannot access?
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