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Where the Blind Work

The Jernigan Institute, Employment Committee and the Writers' 
Division have a joint project and we need your help. We are building 
an employment resource of job descriptions and how the blind compete 
within them. The "Where the Blind work" is a great informational 
resource to assist youth to plan for future employment and for the 
adult who is looking to change jobs and/or careers. We would accept a 
description of your present job, or one that you had been engaged in 
recently, or both.

The collection of descriptions is divided into twelve generalized 
categories. They are: Administrative and Office Careers; 
Business/Entrepreneurial Careers; Computer Specialists; Customer 
Service; Education Careers; Financial Careers; Government Careers; 
Human Services; Law Enforcement and Legal Careers; Media, Marketing, 
and Public Relations; Medical Careers; Vocational Jobs.

Your description needs to be less than 1,000 words, and must follow 
the below five question format:
When completed please email them to <mailto:newmanrl at cox.net>newmanrl at cox.net

  (* indicates a required field)

1. Personal information:
*Industry in which you work (example: financial services)
*Job title
Street address (work or home)
City, State, Zip Code
Phone number (work, home, or cell)
E-mail (work or home)

*2. Please explain to us what any worker would do on this job 
(specialized blindness alternatives will appear in the next question).

*3. To what extent are you blind and what special adaptations do you 
use on the job (give the medical term for your blindness and extent 
of limitation; give the type and name of any special low or high 
technology and/or procedure you use to perform your job duties, 
describing where and how you use them)?

*4. Please let us know of any required special training, education, 
certificates, experience needed for this job.

*5. Please tell us about anyone or anything that aided you to be successful.

Note: To aid in the filling out of your description, read several of 
the earlier postings from the "Where the Blind Work" page: 
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