[Nfbnet-members-list] Three New Lists on NFBNET.ORG

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Mon Aug 19 22:20:03 UTC 2013

I am pleased to announce three new lists now on nfbnet.org.  You can 
find them, and all lists at http://www.nfbnet.org/mailman/listinfo/

The three new lists are Young_Professionals, Michigan Guide Dog 
Userss Committee, and Powder Valley Chapter of the nfb of 
Colorado.  Below is more information on each and how to join.

NFB Young Professionals List:

The goal of the NFB Young Professionals Group is to create an 
environment that encourages networking and professional development 
for blind and visually impaired people who are just starting out in 
their careers. This group is not just for people who have just 
graduated and are starting a new job! We also welcome soon-to-be 
graduates, people still searching for positions, and people who are 
entering new, unfamiliar fields. The Young Professionals Group is not 
just for people in their twenties and thirties; "young" means young 
to the field or to the workforce. We hope the group will serve as a 
venue for sharing ideas, discussing issues related to job searches, 
interviews, and entering new careers.

To join the Young_Professionals list either go to:


or send e-mail to young_professionals-request at nfbnet.org and put the 
word subscribe in the subject line.

Michigan Guide Dog Users Committee List:

The purpose of the MICGDU list is to help organize and grow our guide 
dog users committee. It will be used to share information pertaining 
to guide dog issues. Some examples are, public access, housing, 
transportation, and dog health and well being. We will also use this 
list to announce and organize state meetings and also for information 
from the National Guide Dog users group. Our goal is to become an 
affiliate of the Nation Association of Guide Dog Users a strong and 
proud divission of the National Federation of the Blind.

To join MICGDU either go to:


or send e-mail to micgdu-request at nfbnet.org and put the word 
subscribe in the subject line.

Powder Valley Chapter, NFB of Colorado List:

Welcome to the Poudre Valley Chapter of the National
Federation of the Blind of Colorado. Our goal is to bring equality,
resources, and advocacy to the lives of Colorado residents who are blind
or visually impaired. The purpose of this list is to provide
communication between our members. New members always welcome!

To join PVC-NFBCO either go to:


or send e-mail to pvc-nfbco-request at nfbnet.org and put the word 
subscribe in the subject line.

Happy listing!

David Andrews

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