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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Tue Nov 13 20:47:38 UTC 2012

Fellow Federationists,

As we turn our collective attention toward the 
upcoming holiday season, we want to share a free, 
easy, and convenient way that we can all 
contribute to our great organization. The NFB is 
eligible to receive donations through various Web 
sites that support philanthropic giving. Among 
these are the GoodSearch.com, GoodShop.com, and 
GoodDining.com Web sites. By designating the NFB 
as the charity you wish to support, you can 
generate funds simply by searching the Web, 
shopping online, and dining at their partner restaurants.

Each Web search generates about a penny for us. 
While this seems small, if everyone switches to 
using “Good Searches” instead of “Google” 
searches, this could generate an extra $20 per 
year, per person. Many of us take advantage of 
online shopping during the holiday season. By 
accessing your favorite store’s Web site via the 
GoodShop.com Web site, a percentage of your total 
purchase will be donated to the NFB. Everyone 
goes out to eat, at least occasionally, and by 
dining at GoodDining.com partner restaurants, a 
portion of your purchase will be donated to the NFB as well.

Below you will find a detailed set of 
instructions that will help you sign up for the 
GoodSearch, GoodShop, and GoodDining Web sites. 
Once you have signed up, please share this 
information with your friends, family, and 
colleagues. This is a great way to support our 
movement, and all it costs is a few minutes of 
your time!  If you have any questions or 
concerns, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

While we’re busy thinking up new things to do to 
raise money, let’s make sure to take advantage of 
the Web searching, shopping, and dining we already do!

Kind Regards,

Mika Baugh

Outreach, Jernigan Institute


200 East Wells Street

         at Jernigan Place

Baltimore, MD 21230

(410) 659-9314, extension 2371

<mailto:mbaugh at nfb.org>mbaugh at nfb.org

GoodSearch.com General Information and Instructions

The GoodSearch.com Web site provides a general 
“How It Works” video. This is a good place to start:


Currently, the site offers three ways to donate to the NFB:

1.       GoodSearch.com

2.       GoodShop.com

3.       GoodDining.com

Each works a little differently, but using any of 
these methods will generate funds. But, before 
this can happen, one must sign up with 
Goodsearch.com. There is no need to sign up with 
all three sites individually, but the process to use each one varies.

Step 1: Signing up and choosing a charity

·         Go to 
<http://www.goodsearch.com>www.goodsearch.com and 
click on the “register” button.

·         You will then arrive at a form where 
you can sign up using your social network 
(Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. OR you can fill 
out a form and provide your information).

o   ***NOTE: You must agree to receive e-mails 
from GoodSearch.com in order for your 
transactions to generate donations. This box 
should already be checked, just be sure that you don’t un-check it.

·         Once you enter this information, an 
e-mail with further directions will be sent to 
the address you provided. Simply click on the 
link provided in the e-mail, choose the NFB as 
your charity, and your account will be activated.

Step 2: GoodSearch.com

·         Once your account is activated, you can 
generate about a penny for the NFB every time you 
search the Internet using GoodSearch.com. The 
GoodSearch.com search engine is powered by Yahoo.

·         When you want to make a search, just go 
to GoodSearch.com and enter your query in the 
search box. You can make GoodSearch.com your 
homepage, or download the “good app” to make this even easier and faster.

o   ***NOTE: The “good app” is NOT accessible 
with screen access technology. You may choose to 
use this tool, but it is not endorsed by the NFB 
as it does not meet the standards for nonvisual access.

Step 3: GoodShop.com

·         Once your account is activated, you can 
generate funds for the NFB by shopping online.

·         Go to GoodShop.com (it is connected to 
GoodSearch.com so you don’t need to sign up for 
it individually), choose a store at which to 
shop, click on that store, and you will be taken to the store’s Web page.

·         From the store Web page, choose your 
items and checkout like you normally would. You 
don’t need to do anything different other than 
access the site from GoodShop.com.

o   ***NOTE: Most items purchased DO qualify for 
donations to the NFB, but items such as gift cards DO NOT.

Step 4: GoodDining.com

·         Once your account is activated, you can 
earn donations to the NFB by simply eating at one 
of thousands of partner restaurants.

·         Go to GoodDining.com and click the “Get Started” button.

·         Fill out the form and be sure that the NFB is the designated charity.

o   ***NOTE: You must check the box that states 
that you are providing a valid e-mail address and 
that you agree to receive e-mails from the site.

·         Continue through steps 2 and 3 of the 
registration process. Step 3 asks you to register 
your credit card with GoodDining.com. Once your 
card is registered, a donation will automatically 
be made anytime you use that card at a 
participating restaurant. There is no need to 
inform the restaurant or print a coupon or flyer 
prior to your dining visit. You must use the 
registered card in order to earn donations for the NFB.

·         Be advised that you must interact with 
a captcha during this process. There is an audio 
alternative that works well for this process.

·         You can find information about your 
account under the “Account Center” link on GoodDining.com.

Other information

·         If you have further questions, see the 
About Us/FAQ page here: 

·         To view the GoodSearch.com terms and 
conditions, go to: 

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