[Nfbnet-members-list] Useful hotel telephone information for NFB convention attendees

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Jun 28 17:30:20 UTC 2012

Phone information from the Hilton.



In Addition to the standard telephone keypad, our new phones have one 
vertical row of buttons on the right-hand side and 2 shorter 
horizontal rows below the keypad.  The right-hand row consists of 11 
buttons.  From top to bottom, they are as follows:

1.        Hot Line
2.        Wake-Up Calls
3.        Spa
4.        In-Room Dining
5.        Business Center
6.        Emergency/911
7.        Concierge
8.        Bell Captain
9.        Zip Check-Out
10.   Housekeeping
11.   Messages

Below the keypad, the top row contains the following 4 buttons, from 
left to right:

1.  Hold
2.    Mute
3    Flash
4.    Redial

The bottom row contains 3 buttons:

1.         Volume Down
2.   Volume Up

3.   Speaker


The configuration of the cordless phone base is identical to that of 
our corded phones.  Only the handset is different.  There is one 
horizontal row of 3 small buttons above the keypad, and 2 rows below 
the keypad.  From left to right, the buttons above the keypad are as follows:

1.         On
2.   Off
3.   Hold

The first row below the keypad contains the following 4 buttons:

1.         Flash
2.   Mute
3   Redial
4.        Speaker

The bottom row contains:

1.         Volume Down
2.   Volume Up

Additional Dialing Information

To call room-to-room;  For 3-digit room numbers, touch 60 before the 
number; for 4-digit room numbers, touch 6 and the number.

For local numbers, dial 9, area code and number.  For long-distance, 
dial 9, 1, area code and number.  For international calls, dial 9, 
011, country code, city code and number.  For calling card numbers, 
dial 9, 1, access number, and follow the prompts for your particular card.

Quick-Dial Extensions

Concierge:  80
Zip-out Check-out:  81
Room Service:  82
Verandah Health Club:  83
Bell Captain:  84
Voicemail:  85
Restaurant Reservations:  86
FedEx Business Center:  87
Guest Requests:  88

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