[Nfbnet-members-list] Install Apps & Register for Services Now to Prepare for #NFB12 Convention Social Media Activities

Mika Pyyhkala pyyhkala at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 03:51:14 UTC 2012

Latest and late breaking information: http://nfbma.org/nfb12


June 29th & Dallas, TX will be here before you know it, and we would
like you to be set up to participate in a variety of engaging social
media campaigns and activities.  To that end, I am providing a series
of apps, and services which you should now register with, install, and
become familiar with.

The information below will position you to be ready to go!  We recommend
that you install, register, and become familiar with these services
while you still have a little time before being in the midst of
packing & traveling to Dallas.

Heytell: This is a service and iPhone/Android application that allows
you to communicate via voice messages with an individual, group, and
the upcoming NFB Dallas 2012 public relay.  You can learn the inside
scoop about convention, find out the buzz on any one day, get your
questions answered, and meet new and old friends on the relay.
Several participants from the Washington seminar relay still keep in
touch as a result of the Heytell relay.  Before installing Heytell,
you should add a contact in to your mobile device with your own name,
mobile number, and email address.  Heytell uses this contact during
the setup process.  If you are an existing Heytell user with the app
installed and working, you do not need to take any more steps at this
time to prepare.
Heytell for Apple iPhone and other iOS devices:
Heytell for Android devices:
Heytell on Twitter: @heytell
NFB Convention Heytell Relay Link (click this once in Dallas):
Want to join the relay before Dallas? See: http://nfbma.org/nfb12

Foursquare: Foursquare is a social networking service and app that
allows you to discover places around you, find out what places your
friends like, as well as receive coupons and specials from merchant
venues.  You can even become the mayor of a place, earn badgets,
points, and have a lot of fun with your friends!  The NFB convention
will have a "place," or venue on Foursquare, and we want as many of
you to "check in," to this venue as possible.  On Foursquare, checking
in is the core activity, similar to posting a status on Facebook or a
tweet on Twitter, or sending an email in old school.  If many of you
check in at the NFB Foursquare venue, the event will trend in Dallas,
and highlight the work and importance of the NFB and our movement.
You also get more points if the venue trends!  Keep in mind in order
to achieve Foursquare mayorships, you must upload a photo to your
profile.  It may not be immediately clear to some of you what
Foursquare is, or why you would want to use it, but once you dive in
you'll surely be a fan!  Exclusive tips, contests, and other insider
information will be posted to Foursquare tips associated with the NFB
convention venue.

Register for a Foursquare  account using your computer at:

Foursquare Apple iPhone & iOS Application:

Foursquare Google Android Application:

Foursquare on Twitter: @foursquare & @4sqsupport

If you are already using Foursquare and have it installed and working
on your preferred mobile device, your all set to take part in the
Foursquare fun and insider tips in Dallas!

Twitter: You have likely read in the agenda that the official NFB
convention hashtag is:
A hashtag is simply a set of characters preceded by the number sign.
By using the #NFB12 hashtag your tweets will be associated with the
broad community of people following the NFB convention.
Sign up for a Twitter Account:

Tweetlist Pro App for Apple iOS devices:

Once Tweetlist Pro is setup on your device:
1.   With VoiceOver running Double tap  the More tab in the bottom
right hand corner of the screen;
2.  Double tap on the word search;
3.  Type in #NFB12 and click search in the bottom right hand corner of
the screen;
4.  You will see a list of current #NFB12 tweets.  Click Save Search
in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

You will now have a saved search for #NFB12 under your More tab, and
you can easily access NFB 2012 convention tweets.  You can click the
back button in the top left hand corner to close the list of #NFB12
tweets, and return to other parts of the Tweetlist Pro application.

If you already have a Twitter account, and a preferred app to use it
with on your mobile device, your all set!

Again, we will send out information closer to convention on the
Heytell public relay, our NFB 2012 convention Foursquare venue, and
tweetup and Twitter related activities.  Buy registerring for these
services, installing the apps, and becoming familiar with them, you
will be well positioned to hit the social media ground running even
before you take off for Dallas, Texas!

Mika Pyyhkala, President
NFB of Massachusetts
Twitter: @pyyhkala
pyyhkala at gmail.com

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