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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Fri Jun 22 02:54:43 UTC 2012

>Slate cases are handy, for they keep your stylus and slate from 
>becoming buried or poking holes in your purse, briefcase or 
>backpack. NABS is pleased to offer you stylish, compact, and 
>affordable slate cases! In partnership with Stitchville of Ruston, 
>Louisiana, NABS has designed and manufactured trendy, handmade slate 
>cases made from cotton with a durable, interior lining. They fit a 
>standard 28-cell slate and have a pocket for a stylus. The cases 
>have a velcro closure to prevent loss of any of your slating 
>supplies. They also come with grommets (reinforced holes) so you can 
>easily stow your slate case in a 3-ring binder.
>There are currently five patterns to choose from.
>Black with white trim. If you are interested in a more monochrome 
>look, than this is the case for you.
>Argyle: This is a diamond pattern. The colors in this pattern are 
>blue, brown, turquoise, pink, green, red, orange, and white.
>Brown with polkadots. The background of this fabric is chocolate 
>brown and it is covered with an assortment of light colors.
>Floral pattern. This fabric is white with red leaves and black curling vines.
>Lime green with chairs.. The background is lime green and printed 
>across the fabric are all sorts of chairs. Almost all of the chairs 
>are white but every once and a while you'll find a blue one.
>NABS is selling these cases for $15. If you are interested in 
>purchasing one please email 
><mailto:dlawless86 at gmail.com>dlawless86 at gmail.com. Because this is a 
>new product, custom-designed for students, we will be drop-shipping 
>these cases as they become available. Pre-orders are highly likely 
>(albeit not guaranteed) to be for pickup in the exhibit hall. While 
>we will take orders in the exhibit hall at convention, we encourage 
>you to take advantage of the free shipping for pre-orders!
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